Lore books & collectibles (mostly lore books)

I know that lore books and other miscellaneous things like keep customization and interface things are not fully in yet (being that the build is only 1.4) but please consider adding in more collectibles to the game.

But first, the collectibles from Vermintide 1,

The collectibles were in the form of banners and lore books for the Red Moon Inn.
Banners: after each mission on different difficulties, you would get a banner that would hang from your (the host’s if there is a party present) walls and showcase your achievements. This added to your pride of accomplishment.
Lore books: there were 2 or 3 pages (can’t remember) in each level that were hidden in some obscure and concealed position that a normal person wouldn’t even think of searching there. Once collected, they could be read from the ‘lore book’ function inside the tavern for lore-knowledge on a variety of topics like enemy types, character backgrounds and so forth.

The advantages of VT1 collectibles:

  • Sense of completion and accomplishment
  • A bit more ‘‘end-game content’’
  • Lore books helped players ease into the Warhammer world and the context of the game

Lore books and things are sorely missing.
For lore books, we can only access bits and pieces of information from the developer blogs concerning hero careers and other official media.
We have many questions to be answered and information to seek - especially for a new comer of the franchise (let us remember the immense growth of interest in Vermintide 2 and the stream of unfamiliar players).
Questions that lore books could fill us in are:

  1. Background on Helmgart as a city
  2. Background on very important figures like Burgersnot Halespook or whatever his name was,
  3. How the resistance of Helmgart fared during the rapid takeover from the Pact.

But what about the dialogue? (and tavern rooms / individual bedrooms)

The dialogue and small details are a very important aspect to Vermintide. It gives us insight to the characters on their personality and troubles, but dialogue and small details alone cannot fully explore our heroes (despite how criminally-well Fatshark implements them).
A lore book would offer much more opportunity to fully explore the rich and diverse characters that we have.
Things like Kruber’s inner-demons from Ostland and Ubersreik, Saltzpyre’s unhealthy obsession with the Skaven, Bardin’s search for Karak Zorn, Sienna’s constant battle with addiction, the literal fact that Kerillian is hundreds of miles away from her homeland and kin, all can be explored through a lore book system or some sort of collectible item to help enhance our love for the characters.

  • Banners

I’m sure that they’ll get here around soon-ish. A small thing though, it would be nice to link impossibly-hard deeds with keep achievements to further showcase our accomplishments from the usual map-completion-on-cataclysm/legend that we got on Vermintide 1.

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We got banners and a treasure room but all other points from this thread is still interesting and kind of missing :slight_smile:

I would be interested in reading lore from Vermintide / Helmgart and how we moved up there from the Red Moon Inn back in Ubersreik while waiting for people to craft / reroll / open chests.

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Did you play the final DLC, and the Wayward map in V1? It explained the transition to our current situation, the Red Moon Inn was destroyed.

9 months!

Although OP is still valid :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yup, wouldn’t have revived it otherwise :stuck_out_tongue:
Some kind of advanced tutorial with small stories from the past would be great.

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