Please Incorporate Lorebook Collectible as per VT1

The lorebook has been a fundamental mainstay in Warhammer games since as far back as Dark Omen. I would very much like to see the lore pages reinstituted just as they are in VT1. Not only will this expand the story and elaborate upon how the relationships between the heroes has evolved but it will give us hardcores something to do while you’re fixing the bugs.



Lorebook which expand with X amount of certain enemy killed: concept, you learning your enemy.

Example, paesant rat lore.
1 rat = basic lore
500 = rats more lore
1000 = rats anatomy, weakspots etc
5000 rats = more lore
10 000 rats= full lore

Stormvermin lore
1 rat - basic
100 - more lore
250 - anatomy, and armor study
500 - more lore
1000 - full lore

This woud be fun.


It’d be nice if they implemented the lorebook from VT1 and just added on to it (stuff about the Northlanders, different classes for the heroes, and the new locations). Maybe even add a study to the hub, down the road.

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