Bring back the Lore book from V1?

Does anyone else feel like the game is a bit lacking lore wise? I say this because V1 had the Lore book in the Red Moon Inn, which you unlocked lore by grabbing tomes and grimoires. I feel like this is something V2 is lacking. @Fatshark_Hedge, is there way this could be made possible?


I thought it was lore pages you had to find to unlock lore in the book.

Lore book was something like 2 years after VT1 launch? Can’t remember exactly.

Expecting it now while we’re still wading through the Big Balance Beta is a pipe dream really, with DLC, PS4 Port, and general balance solutions being much higher priority for Fatshark (I suspect).

It IS a valuable addition though, and collecting lore pages to pad out the lorebook AND unlock Keep decorations would be awesome.


I suspected they’d move away from it when we got no lore for Death in the Reik missions.
I’d like those as well, but mostly I would like them to release coherent dlc stories. I still feel something is missing from both said dlc and bogenhafen’s.
Like, why are rats chasing (possibly killing) halescourge’s emissary/thief, since they have a pact? Or otherwise who killed him? What’s with the cursed rune?
What is the link between the pit and the blightreaper map? It’s never clear to me the link between the tainted grain (what was that about?) and “father kraussman has it”

If it was just a false lead, maybe Oleysa or the mission intro could reflect it.
I was very fond of Oleysa’s post mission monologues and I think it’s a great way to patch/enhance the plot

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