Please Add Lore Book Collectibles

All I have left to do in the game is the 100 clear cosmetic challenges and… it’s just a grueling uninspired slog with really nothing to show for it. I miss the collectible pages from VT1, which provided a lot of entertainment and excellent lore/backstory. This needs to be a VT2 feature in order to give the game some more longevity that isn’t just, “do x until you die from repetition.”


Like all of our Desire, it would have bean so easy to just take the Lore Book into V2, just take it from V1, put some new pages to the already existing and “BooM!” a nice little thing for new and old Players.

We surely gonna see it again but FS has probably chosen to implement it at a much later time or better said to late.

I take the Opportunity and say to you FS Team, it would haven been a wiser Choice to work 2-3 Years longer on V2 before releasing it to the Public instead of the Love/Hate relationship we have now.


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