Return the lore pages

Here’s another suggestion from me. That is that the old concept of lore pages was returned to the game. I’ve got a friend who never played Vermintide 1 and complains that there isn’t much of a story for Vermintide 2 to engage with. And personally I agree that it isn’t a much, in my opinion, story in this game as it was in the last one.

Thus I would suggest that Fathshark brings back the lore pages from the first game so that we can both learn more about the different parts of Helmgart, and later Bögenhafen, that we run into and we learn more about the characters that we play or interact with. Yes, Olesya gives some info between missions but it isn’t really all that much and I think that for those of us who likes immersion into the setting, characters and story it would bring much to be able to learn more of this.


A man can dream can’t he :heart:

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