The Library

I am more or less sure that such a thing is planned down the line. But as I read a thread today about the game being less lore-heavy and more gamey and considering some closed off doors in the Keep, I thought it would be a nice idea if there was a library somewhere. It would essentially be the same as the Lore Book in Vermintide 1. Just that is has an own room with many shelf and some secret doorway behind a shelf.

Like I said, something like this is probably planned already but is not high on the priority list. As such I also wondered if the community thinks that the community itself could develop a Lore book they could provide for the delevopers to implement. I mean all the Lore is already existent somewhere and the enemies and visited regions are all known. It had to be condensed somehow in order to not scare away people.

Other than that, are there any other additional rooms you think would fit the Keep? No torture room >.<

You could also add one more thing: a bookcase, which shows how many grims and tomes you’ve already collected on your missions! That could be awesome :smiley:
It could be filled with a certain number of book succesfully delivered to Olesya through the Shadow Gate :heart:

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