(More) Keep Trophies, frames #fullbookruns


So it has come up now and then and I’d like to give it a try as a suggestion: How about filling those shelves in the Trophy Room with grims and tomes as we do full book runs, eventually getting filled up fully by completing all maps with full book runs. The shelves much like the trophy holders in that room could change in color according to difficulty.

Also, how about frames for full book runs? (scaling the same way like the all career challange for Helmgart missions frame)

As for other trophies, earning the weapon skins for the unlockable weapons via DLCs could make them appear either in the armoury or the personal quarters of the given character, unlocking hats/armor skins could appear in the armory or in a wardrobe n the given characters’s quarters in a wardrobe (RIP Elf)…


Would be nice to get some lore in the books like in v1 the lore book.
i wouldn’t even care if they just copy paste the stuff from v1 and may just bring a few new in.

Would bring more live to the keep which feels to abandoned to be the home of our beloved heroes.

The art was good first step to bring more live here but it still could use some stuff what ppl could interact with.


I miss the lore book from VT1. Why didn’t they keep it for VT2?


Exactly could fill them up with lore related to maps, characters or V1 content. Between times and grims per map might have to make a new library rm or pack the trophy room with book shelf and new interface option

It’s a really cool idea for trophy collection and more lore similar to art collection. Could add as repeat quest in okri challenges.

Armory / Wardrobe similar idea already an interface going straight to inventory and less of a trophy concept… prob too many weapons or clothes for anything otherwise. Elf has room by dummies just too small unless she wants her clothes/ weapons dangles on tree.

Full Books Runs Should Get their own frames!
Palumtra speaks the Truth!


I have been wondering the same, would love to see the keep actually become more and more lively ; and the empty bookshelves being filled by completing book runs is an idea I’m sure many of us had. Implement it !