Things I'd like to see return from VT1

I know the loot system had a major overhaul & (power system aside) I really like it. However, I miss the Quests & Contracts. Deeds are a fun addition & I like the challenges they present so far, nevertheless the Quests & Contracts board made VT1 something I played nearly daily if I could. It was nice being able to lock-in on a vanity item, golden trinket, or Veteran weapon & earn it through dedication & skill (Sunday’s Cataclysm run :smiley: )

I like searching out lore pages. The extra exp was nice but the actual amount of information & detail each entry provided added a lot of story for me. Reading the entries was a great option for killing time in the inn when others were editing their load outs.

Last Stand:
I liked the Last Stand levels. It wasn’t the most beloved game type but I think with the new classes & talents it’d be much more interesting.


Just the maps in general would be nice.

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i think a reimplementation of the contracts and bounties system would go a long way in handling user retention (people just make it a routine to log in to finish dailies)

True. The deeds are cool, but not something I get on a daily basis.
Also, the quests would be a nice way to get some of that tasty green dust, that’s so rare when levelling up. I almost sniffed everything I got ;_;

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