"Ime getting trounced" I want voice lines from VT1 in VT2!

Always raised a laugh for me when Kruber yelled he was getting trounced. Please (as you added the “Holy Sigmar Bless this ravaged body”) can we add back in some other lines from VT1.

I know people didn’t want reused lines and I understand why, but some of them were really good and having characters I had some affection for suddenly not say things that were cool or funny or both made me sad.

I don’t play the WORLD CLASS IDIOT Keri but if there’s any old lines people would like to see from VT1 hit me up with your nostalgic favourites.

@FatsharkJulia @Fatshark_Hedge please put this line in for the anniversary. I’d sell one of my kids on the internet to make it happen. I’d rather not, but that’s the lengths I’d go to. If you could add any suggestions from others here it would be brilliant.

[disclaimer]I have no idea how much work this entails. Some poor bugger gonna have some ton of work dumped on their desk.


I always wanted “Time for a one man shield wall!” back.