Restore some old voicelines maybe

Going through the Dialogue Player mod, there’s a lot of situational callout dialogue from Vermintide 1 still in the files regarding being suppressed by ratling gunners and teammates being grabbed by packmasters. It would be cool if they could be implemented.




Also, maybe readd the Packmaster and Poison Wind Grenadier’s voice lines? Those are also hanging out in the files. Packmasters used to fanatically babble while running at you, and gas rats actually spoke.

Probably a pipe dream but just wanna put it out there.


I concur this request even if it’s back in July

Funny enough most of these are from the first game as well.

However, please of please keep the reactions to jumping too much out of the game, delete those. The line gets intolerably spammed when playing on co-op because players can’t stop jumping for no reason

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