Tagging icon is too big when you look at a tagged enemy even at close range it obscures the target's head, should be placed much higher higher

The tagged enemy skull and distance meter enlarges when you look at it, even at close range it hides their head, at medium range it can hide half the body and at long range I’ve often seen snipers completely obscured by the skull and distance. The skull and distance meter should be placed much higher than the special because at it is now you often can’t tell what special it is by the silhouette(audio callouts don’t play sometimes) and have problems headshotting with some weapons because you literally can’t see the head and can obscure the pskyer blue headpop aura.

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Could use a a scale and opacity setting too (Going from 100% opaque to invisible), as to not obscure things behind.

Because really, you don’t even need the skull, the enemy being outlined in red is enough.

here is another example for short range, the more the distance increases the worse the problem gets

one more example at medium range, even a target as big as a reaper is almost half obscured

True true. Honestly the red outline is enough for me to notice it, they could get rid of the skull completely and I’d be fine with it

long range example. the icon is obscuring the whole sniper

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When there is total chaos going on, and a sniper or something high priority needs to die, I literally just unload exactly on the bottom of that skull icon. Reliably gets me the kill shot when I can’t even remotely see what I’m shooting at.

I’d also like it to be higher. It won’t change anything because I’ll see their outline and shoot at that, but it would feel less cheesy than shooting blindly at what is under a big skull icon.

another example medium range, shotgunner completely covered by the skull and distance

When the enemy is behind something the icon is a much more reasonable size and location, wish it would be like that always. source: https://youtu.be/qXT4sVFvtio?t=933