Red item icons need to be more distinct

In your inventory it is infuriatingly difficult to distinguish your orange items from your red items by looking at the Icons themselves.

The colour of the red items and orange items are so incredibly similar I frequently can’t tell them apart when looking through my inventory.
Worst case scenario this might lead to something likeaccidentally salvaging those reds you FINALLY got… (Hasn’t happened to me, but apparently some have done that)

The issue is similar for whites and greens as well.

Please make the colours more distinct?
A brighter green for greens?
A “redder” (brighter?) red for red items? Or a brighter orange for orange items. Or both!

It’s a small fix but would help the UI immensely.


border colours would be nice (probably too ugly tho)

Simple and better solution would be, allow us to lock items.

That would not solve the readability issue of the colours, but it is definitely an option I would also like to have.

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