Upgrade Red Items

I understand the value of perfect property stats and “unique” skins on gear, but beyond that, that’s all red items are.

Considering the work and time required before you start earning these, I really feel as though they need to be on a fundamentally higher level than orange gear. A player can spend so much time in what can loosely be described as “end-game”, just trying to earn a single red. So much time, that they may have already received or rerolled perfect stats on an orange before they see their first red. This was my situation.

Since getting reds seems to be the only end-game that exists, how about something simple like, adding a 3rd stat property to red items?
Or allowing 2 orange traits on red items?

Would it require rebalancing gameplay? Possibly.
Would it give players a real reason to seek out these pieces of gear? Absolutely.

If anyone has examples of how doing either of these changes might seriously compromise gameplay balance, I’d like to hear it.


the advantage of reds over oranges is that they have perfect property stats, from a combat perspective. by giving red gear an additional bonus would make them too valuable - a person with painstakingly rolled best orange gear would not compare with someone who got lucky with a red - from a game design pov that’s not good because the playing field would no longer be level at the top (unfair). people would get disillusioned from not getting reds because of rng, they wouldn’t be able to compete with their muggle oranges.

it could be more fun to add additional perks and stuff, that’s where modding comes in i guess!

Red are already the best/rarest item, and nothing “better” is needed in my opinion. Having guaranteed perfect stats is really powerful, those few % on each item add up and you can make your build way more efficient.


I guess the point is, they have the potential to be better than the item rarity beneath them, but aren’t inherently so.

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The same problem existed in V1. Red items were basically just orange ones with an exclusive skin, so people complained about it and they got changed by having better trait percentages. This will happen here eventually too, especially when the red duplicate problem is fixed and more people having their careers full red equipped.

Getting better propertie stat percentages is most likely what will happen again, but something mild like +5% crit chance to +7,5%.


i feel that v1 reds were weaker tho, because u were locked into only 2 possible configurations, you can’t customise them and try out builds with your new toys - for that reason oranges were still good. in v2, a red would definitely override an orange for a similar item.

They did have perfect rolls, and stat combinations not possible in Orange ones. Admittedly, before adding a second version of every red, some properties looked like they were randomly tossed together with some weapons being practically useless and some being awesome. They were quite unique, though (and I liked their simple-but-cool designs more than the glowing runes in VT2).

Well, to be honest, much of customisation wasnt really needed in v1 anyway. Bloodlust/Regrowth was standard on every melee weapon, then we got Devastating Blow on some weapons like 1h axes, Swift Slaying on 2h swords and maybe some Killing Blows or Backstabs. Thats pretty much it. Since we were also limited on combinations on orange weapons, there wasnt much to play with and the the majority of the red ones actually got perfect combinations. So they were eventually better than orange ones, but not by much and they didnt brake the game. Much like mildly better propertie stats on v2 reds wont be a gamechanger either. But it would be an actual progression to farm reds, instead of now, since they are basically just cosmetics.

Yeah, to basically sum up my point, red items are little more than cosmetics in practice. The end game is nothing but farming for reds, but there’s no reason to go after them.

By the time they become accessible, the player will likely already have full orange gear with more than enough salvage to reroll what they need.

Perfect stats on reds is little more than a convenience, which is ironic, since farming for hours and hours isn’t any more convenient than standing in the Keep rerolling orange properties for the same amount of time.

If they’re just cosmetic skins, but they’re supposed to be an entirely new grade of equipment, why not buff them slightly?

Easy way to keep players going far into end game content.

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personally i vote no , im not saying your wrong just that i dont want it. i feel i have more than enough games that have gear treadmills in already. one of the really nice things is i dont have all that to deal with here . can just pick it up and play.