RED ITEMS - a general misunderstanding?

Hi everyone; there are so many threads about red items but not, this will not be a simple tearful post… I think that a lot of people misunderstanding their mean. Some players simply want a more reds cause they think that red equip means finished game… another people think that reds must remain rare in order to add longevity…

In my honest opinion, red items are not the final goal, but just a start point.

The final goal should be to extract 100% by every careers and to get ideal (and personal) equip to challenge Legend in the better way… this, without red items, it is very very hard (even just for green dust).

Champ should have same % of drop in comparison with Legend, so people can farm, can try, and can challenge Legend at the best of their conditions… in order to personal satisfaction… and maybe better drop of cosmetics? New content? This could improve the fun and help average players… WITHOUT nerf Legend difficulty (that must be remain hard)

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unfortunately you cannot change popular opinion. people will want reds for the very fact that they are collectible and have perfect rolls. people want to be able to experiment with the different trait combinations… but the way fatshark set it up, people can’t roll for long without running out of greens, and the animations for rolling in the keep are artifically delayed with a UI for 3 seconds. so people find it frustrating to wait for rolling for several minutes just pressing that button - something that reds will help immensely with since it’s always perfect rolls.

you can’t say ‘reds shouldn’t be the end game’ but the problem is that, it is for a lot of people. i want reds to feel like i am an elite warrior with the best weapons granted to me by a master crafter so i can be the bringer of death to skaven and chaos. i would play the game even more if i had more reds, for the very fact that my character is cooler and i have invested the time and gotten the rewards in.

final goal is subjective. final goal to me is defeating legend mode skittergate with quickplay pugs, which is what i have done several times, and it is a great feeling. i don’t need reds to do it but it certainly feels awesome to run with them.

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It would probably help if we could at least ‘lock’ the properties on oranges when rerolling them. Having to hope for both the right properties and good values on them on every single roll is just a bit heavy on the randomness. I really hope we get some better crafting/rerolling options in the future like we did in VT1.

Endgame should be reaching your maximum skill potential. Red items and properties in general should be made to serve that and in my opinion they don’t currently do that well enough. In fact, it seems players are confused and think this is a grinding for loot game. I think the loot is just a bonus of sorts.


sometimes i miss the old days when games were just that and no one had invented this concept of an end game, we never used to need one
now everything has to be a grind (and its funny how that word changed its meaning) and work

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I think there’s a factor, too, that people often just want those amazing glowing skins for their favorite weapons. I know I’d kill for a Red XSword, mostly for how awesome it looks. The perfect stat rolls are a great plus, but I just want a giant lightsaber sword . . . It’s . . . it’s beautiful.

I know what you mean. Funny thing about that is that many of the rare illusions look much better and more varied (to my eyes at least) than the reds. They glow blue. Like, wow…

i saw an elf running around with glowing swords (or daggers) when she attacked, it flashes all over the place. so darn sexy. /jelly

Yes, we are talking about same thing… reds are very important cause they let us to take 100% from game (build for every careers, favorite equip for legend)… so their drop should become more… “substantial”.

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