What about eng game?

Let’s say we have all characters on 30lv with gear ps 290-300 what than guys? there is no end game imo atm I don’t see any reason to “hardcore” playing you can just logg in finish 2-3 maps and thats it. Every game need a good end game to keep people.

Red items are sucks atm they have also 2 properties like orange and the only advantage orange vs red will be max roll on those properties I don’t count 300ps on them bcose if you have your item ps around 290 that difference 10 is nothing.

The point is you have to give people reason to continue the game.

  1. Do something with red items, maybe make them harder to find but buff them like 3rd properties, or make them possible to craft but let them be very expensive, let them cost 500scraps 50 orang dust or something like that. It’s just example but it will give people reason to grind maps and collect mats for craft.
  2. Do something with leveling character after lv 30. now we have only box but if you have gear you dont need it. Maybe extra tallent point even at lv 60 next one 90 etc.

What then? Well the game will be the same most likely, so you can continue to play it with your über loots. Smash those rat heads into bits. What’s not to like? Or if you’re into fashion you can start collecting hats.

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^ This. There is a point why reds are in the way they are.
They are not overpowered. You can roll orange items which will be exactly the same as red stat wise, it is highly unlikely but you can.

Reload please tell me with those characters of your do you play on Recruit using them anymore?
No? Why? Because recruit for 580-590HP is trivial and challenge no more?
So think if you would get RED items that they are overpowered - Legend would become trivial then what?

Think about it. Your “idea for end game” just KILLED the endgame itself…

Well one extra properties on red item will not make legendary difficult same as recruit, it was just fast example. But rewarding peple for hit lv 60 on a character is good idea imo bcose it takes a lot of time.

Think of them like Epeen gear that’s easy to reroll stats on since they always roll maximum value considering there is a limited way of obtaining them and ppl are having issues with recruit / vet …

Cosmetics might be a better idea for a reward at much higher levels. I dont agree with extra talent points as the idea really once you have hit 600 power level is that you get stronger by improving for the most part.

But - according to topic - we talking about end game, if you have concern with game and that if game will live long enough. Then I think you miss your own point with adding one properties to red weapon.

I once compared V2 to DS series (I know the are nowhere near to be compared but stay with me).
DS was about dying, dying and you know what about dying…IN this game you needed to die to learn new things, go forward die and learn some more. When you learned enough you was able to kill Boss. The feeling for the first boss kill after many wipes, mistakes, ect was sooooooooo goood that this was reward itself for players.

For me V2 and its end game are similar to this what i wrote. Tho on little higher lvl as you can’t go solo (ofc I know there are already utubue solo legend speedruns thing) and you need cooperate with 3 other ppl.
And here come the trick. Vermintide is masterpiece in terms of coop gameplay, but you need love the grind.

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