Reds Drop Rate is still too low

I currently have 196 hours on this game. In this time, I have accrued no more than 10 red items.
I’m pretty sure that at this rate it’ll take me about 800 more hours just to have all red items.
Maybe some people think this is fine, but for me, this is just far too long.

This wouldn’t be as bad an issue if there were some kind of way to work towards the specific red items you want, but the best way right now is to use 5 red dust, which takes a ton of time to gather.

I’m guessing the team at Fatshark think that this amount of grind is good for player retention but to me this just makes me want to play less.
We aren’t playing this game to grind, most of us like it for the challenge.

What I would like to see is:
A. Improve red drop rate on Legend vaults.
B. Make some sort of way to more consistently get the red items you want which doesn’t rely on RNG.
Some have suggested converting orange dust to red dust, which sounds fine to me. I think a 10:1 rate sounds fair.


No need for it reds are not that must have

Just because something isn’t a “must-have” does not mean it wouldn’t be more fun for it to drop more.
Also, it basically is a must-have for certain breakpoints without which playing Cataclysm is harder (unless you want to roll each exotic 10 billion times until you get the perfect properties on it).


If you are cata ready then you have probably enough reds to not have problem with it

If you want reds for bp’s it’s rlly not needed, yes for some bp’s it’s needed but cata doesn’t get super super hard just because you have 8% inf rolled instead of 10%.

With your playtime i assume you mostly play legend, or you maybe play ib in cata. For legend you rlly don’t need perfect max rolled bp’s.

Im sitting at ten time your playtime and have 2-3 reds per weapon and about 20 each for trinket, acc. and necklace. A bit over 200 dust.

My playtime is a wild mix between modded, low reward games but also plenty of twitch seeds and similar (a few chests per run of guaranteed high tier). It is true that the game require you to grind for it but if you consistently play legend with books your red count should I crease exponentially. I don’t know about your playing habits though.

The problem isn’t in the droprate, but the problem is in the very system itself. You said it very well yourself: Vermintide isn’t about grinding, but about the challenge. Grinding for RNG drops does not add anything of value to a game like this. I think the solution shouldn’t be to upp the droprate, but rather to change how “drops” are handled. For me it won’t matter much anymore since I have several red copies of every item and enough materials to be able to play every single loadout I could possibly want, but it was a drag to get to that point and I’d wish others wouldn’t need to go through that.

(This must be the 1000th post I make about this, but) I feel item stats and power should not coupled to an RNG grind at all. The Athanor (= the weapon system used in weaves in the WoM expansion for those who don’t know) is exactly how weapon stats should have been handled in the first place. And the cosmetic part about weapons should, IMO, also not be tied to RNG. I’d like it best if weapon cosmetics were unlocked behind weapon specific challenges.


Yes the athenor is a nice system where you have re roll stats easily. But be honest, you can do legend with orange items easily, this doesn’t have such a huge impact. Back in the day i did legend with orange weapons, and i had some like a red trinket or charm. It does get easier for re rolling purposes and ocd but gameplay orange vs red doesn’t rlly matter that much. Yes it’s grindy, but by the time i got familiar with the mechanics to complete legend easily, red items where just a bonus.

Also matters how fast your games go, how many wins you get, etc, but 200 hours and 10 items is low, or op got super unlucky or he just doesn’t win alot.

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I haven’t played Legend in my entire playtime, of course.
If I would have to guess I’d say I’ve gotten 1 Red for each 5 hours I played in Legend, which is still super stingy IMO.
Then again, I’ve gotten a DM that says getting 1 Red every 4 hours is the “perfect” drop rate, so it’s a matter of taste I suppose.

I’m not sure about champion or lower chests drop rates. If you are familiar with champion i’d say moving up is the best choice.

That seems like a pretty big generalization.
How much is enough? ‘Enough’ differs from person to person. For me, enough is being able to do every loadout I want with near full reds, and I feel pretty close to cata ready (for example in my last Legend map I took 121 damage as Saltz).

@anon75893681 I feel very comfortable in Legend already. I can pretty easily do a full book run with equally skilled players.

Oh because you said you didn’t play legend yet, might be a typo. My bad

I’d say if red items are what you are after, i would keep playing legend, unless legend is boring for you then try to do legend twitch. I wouldnt go cata for loot because most qp teams don’t do book runs, unless you ask.

You can always improve a bit, and dmg taken is only one side of ‘skill’. Ofcourse taking 2k dmg as a shade is bad.

That is what I do, but the progression is just way too slow for my liking.
Also, I often play with my GF who finds Legend a bit too hard, so I play Champion which gets me about as far as you can imagine in terms of reds.

And I meant that not all of my playtime consisted of Legend, not that I’ve never played it :slight_smile:

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May i ask what your goal is. Do you play for completionist? Like having all reds unlocked. Or do you play to get better and do cata at one point?

And i see, i think i had around 250-300 hours untill i started doing legend twitch, and i didn’t have all reds yet aswell, not sure as it is a long time ago

I don’t argue red items are really needed to play higher difficulties, that is correct. But it’s more the principle of the whole thing. RNG is just a shitty item distribution system.


I want to do cata at one point, but I would also really like to have full red builds for the careers I like.
I’m definitely not a completionist.

@anon75893681 About the skill thing, I also had almost every green circle. Pretty much all of them besides the last few.

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I would say it’s not a bad thing if you did cata with orange weapons, unless your build or career really benefits from a huge bp. I think trinkets and charms are more important to have red quality.

Only you can judge your own skill :slight_smile: how comfortable are you in situations, do you know enemy mechanics, pacing, poitioning etc etc

Yes you are right, red drops are ridiculously low


By the way, from what I’ve heard there was a cool system in V1 where you could complete these sort of Quests that would fetch you red items in return for completing them.
I do wonder why that feature wasn’t imported into V2, since it sounds absolutely fantastic.


Well yes you had a random red guest which you could take once per week. After that you could complete key quests towards actually gaining the said red item. You only had 2 key guests per day so optimally it would still take you around 5 days to gain the said red item.

Is it better? Well probably if you happen to take the guest for the red item you wanted but generally if you play any decent amount of time in V2 you will gain A Lot more red items by just spamming legend than you would with the bounty board.

Its anyone’s guess at this point why it was never implemented but generally gaining reds by just random drops was also lot more rng dependent in V1 compared to V2 in my opinion so maybe that has something to do with it.