How do you feel about the acquisition rate of Red Items? [Poll]

Hi all! Since we’ve had a few discussions about this topic as of late (admittedly, many started by me), I’d like to get a general feeling of the community’s opinion of the current red item acquisition rate, to see how pertinent an issue this actually is.

  • I like it the way it is.
  • I would like it to be buffed slightly.
  • I would like it to be buffed greatly.
  • I would like it to be nerfed slightly.
  • I would like it to be nerfed greatly.

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Is this poll about red items skin wise or stat wise, or both?

In my mind it was stat-wise.

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Just to explain my vote: voted ‘i like the way it is’
If it was skin wise i think it could be increased, because you cannot get the skin with red dust and getting duplicates is annoying.
Stat wise is fine because of the red dust


I thought the poll included illusions, so I changed my answer from “buffed slightly” to “I like it”.

If you play enough legend, you will eventually get more than enough veteran items, and you can even get specific items with the use of red dust.

Not to mention that you can increase the amount of vaults you can get by playing deeds. Combine that with twitch mode (which gives you loot dice from bosses and loot rats), you are almost guaranteed to get an emperor vault every run.

The only thing that bothers me with the current system is that there isn’t any chance to get specific veteran illusions. I am missing one illusion on elf, and even if I manage to get a red drop, it still has to be a specific weapon. And even then it isn’t guaranteed that I won’t get an illusion I already have for that weapon.

Personally I would like to see the quest board from V1 introduced. It would help alleviate this problem somewhat.

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How? You did not have any influence on what appeared on the Quest Board. The chance to get the one red you want are as random as opening a chest in Vermintide 2 with the differences that you get every item in the chest and that the items are for the character who opened it while for the Quest Board you could get at best one item for any character.

Actually, the chances to get what you want are far better by opening chests. The only thing the Quest Board ever has done better is the “Avoidance of getting stuff you don’t want”.

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Currently, I can spend months grinding away for vaults, hoping that I randomly get the desired red weapon with the correct illusions.

With the quest board in place, I would have an additional source of getting red illusions I am currently missing, thus helping alleviate the dependency on RNG from vaults.


Red stat weapons are much easier to get than red skins as you can build them from dust.

Red skins should be available in the Shop and only applied to red weapons.

The drop rate of Reds is fine, it’s just the drop rate of getting the exact red you want that isn’t fine, and being able to earn the red stats and buy a red skin would stop the irritation.


Then you should ask for changing back the reward for Daily Quests back to an Emperor’s Chest instead of Shillings. Because it nets the same result as the Quest Board. Just better.

Also the Quest Board is still RNG.

Emperor chests have a really low chance of dropping red items. The quest board on the other hand introduces 3 specific items on a daily basis, and there were often at least one red item or a hat among the rewards. The quest board would have a much higher chance of showing the desired item.

Sure, the quest board is RNG, but having multiple sources of RNG to get a specific item makes it more likely to get that item.


Hats? Maybe. Reds? No, you got at average one per week:

The chances to get one in the Emperor’s Chest should be about equal for this. So no. The Quest Board does help not at all. And again, Quest Board is for every character while chest is for the one opening it. So the chest has the higher chance if you are looking for one specific item.
Also, for Hats you should take into consideration that while they appear frequently on the Quest Board, it is often the same Hat appearing several times like the Reikwald Hat or the Wurzen Outrider which both appear four times over the span of six months.

Then you should ask for replacing Shillings with the Emperor’s Chest as this as well is more sources of RNG. Not sure why people are this attached to the Quest Board when the initial Vermintide 2 system was superior.

According to that list, the quest board isn’t even RNG, since it has a cycle. You’d just have to wait for your desired red item to show up.
Which would REALLY help alleviate the RNG problem of vaults.


Which is under the assumption that every red and every illusion DID appear at one point on the Quest Board. I would need the whole data but I am fairly sure that there are several reds which never appeared on the board at all.

And then you would need to wait for the cycle to close the loop which takes well over a year. In the same time you would have 365 chests by Daily Quests, so a more than likely chance to get the item you want. And the loop of the Quest Board has only be established because Fat Shark didn’t want to work on Vermintide 1 anymore.


No one is arguing otherwise. It’s simply that what “enough play” is right now is not feasible in what I would say is a reasonable amount of time.


That is true, there is no way of knowing if the quest board would have stayed RNG if they continued working on V1.

So for the sake of the argument, lets say that it was implemented as RNG in V2. You said 7 emperor chests would roughly equal 1 red. I don’t think that is correct, since emperor chests have about 4,8% chance of dropping a red (according to the below article). That means you’d get a red in every 21 chest, which again means you’d get a red in every 3 week compared to the quest board’s 1 red per week. Sure, that 1 red per 3rd week would be to a specific character, but with the quest board, you’d have 3 chances to get the correct illusion.

There’s also another point to consider, which is the amount of effort it takes to grind the specific item through chests. Checking out the board once per day compared to grinding out 365 daily emperor chests is much more doable when you consider aspects such as time and effort.

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I can’t answer this poll, since the answer I’d give isn’t there. Firstly, this question needs to be split in reds stat-wise, and illusion-wise.

Stat-wise, the amount of red weapons you can get in a certain timespan is pretty good. I’d like less RNG, but the time it takes to get 5 random reds to convert into the one you want seems fair enough, on average.

Illusion-wise, however, the question (as already pointed out in the thread) isn’t whether you get enough reds number-wise, but rather that there is no way to target the ones you like. Since you do have that option with reds stat-wise, the RNG - while less optimal - isn’t a huge problem there. But it is a big issue here. And due to the nature of this issue, the solution shouldn’t be to up the red drop rate, but rather to distribute the illusions in a different way.

Most obvious and easy solution would be to add the illusions in Lohner’s Emporium. Even charge hefty for it if they must. Like, a month worth of Shillings for one, or whatever. At least you’d have a way to target farming then.

Slightly related note: I have no clue why FS is neglecting the Emporium so. You’d expect it to be not that hard to update it once in a while? All that got added since it was released is a few common weapon illusions, abd a bunch of new hats that were pulled a day later due to price complaints (and we haven’t heard from since?!). Are there technical limitations we’re not aware of? Manpower problem? Some intended overhaul of some core mechanic that affects the aquisition of cosmetics so FS doesn’t want to add them to the store? It’s mystifying, and it kinda feels like FS is wasting the whole potential of the store. @Fatshark_Hedge , is there any way you could enlighten us here?


Some of the bafflement I have is that we know there are loads of hats that were unlocked by a Mod ages ago that we still haven’t seen.

Kruber’s hat from the launch trailer is one, the Slayer eye-patch is another. I could swallow being told “They’re for later content” years ago but we’re actual years later. So where are these hats?

[edit] we’re onto Comm chest drop rate now which is an even bigger can of nurglings.


None of the Above.

I want it to have less RNG.


I think the droprate for reds are fine overall but it would be nice if the illusions could be bought in the cosmetics shop.


Which is the correct answer. As we discussed the chance to get the one specific illusion for the character you want, we have to take the rotation into account. With the Quest Board you get one random red for your character every five weeks in average. With the chests you get one random red for your character about every three weeks.
Also, if we take the posted data as basis, the one red per week is to high. Depicted are 23 weeks in which you get 20 reds. Of these 20 reds, we have 3 x 1H Axes for Saltzpyre and 2 x Beamstaves for Sienna. So overall we get 17 unique reds in 23 weeks. So we get 0.75 reds per week in average. Which results in a red for your character every 6,5 weeks. The Quest Board wasn’t really a good deal for Reds.

That is true. I don’t argue that. It ties in to the earlier comment that it is easier to avoid getting stuff you don’t want because you can chose to not doing the quests. However, I assume that this is a reason AGAINST the Quest Board for Fatshark. Because the developers wants you to play the game and not log in, seeing that there is no item of interest and log off again.

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