Better reds

Okay before you flame, hear me out.

I think that oranges are so much easier to get than a red, a red does not guarantee the perfect stat combination even though it gives the max on each stat. I would like to see the lure of grinding red a bit more than a cosmetic thing with small amount of QoL on the re-roll. A third stat? Double traited? Double traited would probably explode the game in overpoweredness in certain cases. But would be pretty cool and something worth the grind.

Edit: or even unique traits (or stats value) that are slightly bit more poweful.

I think Reds are alright right now as we have no way to “improve” a property, just reroll it.
But indeed if we were able to, reds would need something more like an higher percentage/value on traits.
Like instead of Parry you get Master parry, with an larger window for the no stamina cost.


What is the requirement to get red ? legendary only ?

Of course it’s not enough to get the maximum value for each property in the game, nohohohoho no, you also want something to be worth the grind. Go trash the reds then, if you ever get lucky enough to get one, I hope you don’t.

Well ain’t you an angry little man, and no for me it is not enough since I already have pretty much BiS rolls on all items.

I think it is from Emperor’s chest only. So theoretically you can get it below champ as well but you’d get a low powered one.

Well ain’t you a little ungrateful little boy for already having achieved everything in the game and now crying for more and better stuff?

pretty much, so? not perfect.

People are never satisfied with what they get. And even less, if they get anything they want.

I wasn’t crying, your negative attitude towards life makes you perceive it as such. I could go in to it deeper but I think you know what I am talking about. And yes pretty much, 5% crit/10% CD, 10% vs armor/infantery 10% vs chaos/9.5% vs skaven, 20% HP/2 stamina etc. So to grind to re-roll a 0.5% power towards skaven isn’t really worth it. But in the end it was just a suggestion, yet you saw it as law, as a demand. Again because of your negative mindset. That’s the real sad story here. Rest in peace DrClassy, ooh the irony.

There is no low lvl red. It is always 300.

Alright, did not know.