Deed colour scheme should follow the already set scheme

Noticed a strange thing when it comes to deeds.

We all know the colour scheme for items by now.
White -> Green -> Blue -> Orange -> Red

Now look at the colour scheme for the deed pictures depending on what difficulty they’re on.

(Recruit) Blue -> (Veteran) Purple -> (Champion) Orange -> (Legend) Green

Blue - > Purple (?) -> Orange -> Green

Doesn’t follow the already established quality scheme AT ALL. even introduces a new colour… o.O

Why is it not this?:

Recruit: Green -> Veteran: Blue -> Champion: Orange -> Legend: Red

Would make much more sense, no?

And please make the red much more distinct than the “red” that’s on red item icons… I honestly can’t tell that “red” apart from the oranges in my inventory.


They should also sort depending on difficulty in your inventory.
And preferably also sort by quality.


Speaking of, I just noticed that the colour scheme for deeds (that doesn’t follow suite with the item colour scheme) is the same on the boxes you get from the different difficulties.

So I would adivese changing the icons for both deeds and for the boxes.

Well, the thing is, the deeds themself also have a specific difficulty, which are indeed in the color scheme line like the items.

The deeds with only one effect are green, the deeds with two effects are blue and the deeds with three effects are orange.

While that is indeed true, (And something I was already aware of, but thank you for adding it to the thread in any case.) I don’t see any reason as to why that should affect my original posts statement in keeping the colour schemes uniform across the board for easier UI readability.

The icon colour and the text colours are separate things, after all.
Icon background colour corresponds with the difficulty, while the text colour and actual icon correspond to the number of modifiers.
I don’t think there’s any reason why they should not both follow the same, established colour scheme. This is a very common practice in UI design for a reason.

Deed coloring merely follows the color of chests from different difficulties. Recruit has blue chests, Veteran is purple, Champion is orange/red and Legend green. Having difficulty colors that are different from item rarity is exactly how it should be, due to the simple fact that you can get reds from Veteran, Champion and Legend chests alike. If they had the same colors not only would it create confusion but it would also imply that reds are limited to the highest difficulty, which would suck. It is important to make the difference between those two color-codes as they don’t refer to the same thing at all.

Also, red items are called so because people don’t know their real name (or simplify), but they’re actually of “veteran” rarity. This doesn’t mean you only drop them on the Veteran difficulty. Hence the need to make the difference and not have one color code for things which have nothing to do with one another.

Anyway this isn’t “strange” nor wrong. It’s how it should be.

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