Deed screen

The deed screen is currently a pain to look for deeds of a certain mission or difficulty, since they have extremely non-indicative icons.

What I propose is to make the deed screen similar to the lobby browser, so it shows you available deeds in a text list showing mission name and difficulty. Like the server browser you can sort and filter by mission and difficulty. You can then mouse over the deed to see the modifiers.


In addition to the uninformative icons, I think the ordering itself is unintuitive, and doesn’t help in finding what you want. Iirc, it goes “Deeds of a particular rarity, in ascending Difficulty order; Deeds of the next Rarity, in ascending Difficulty order” etc. But I don’t want to look for Deeds by their rarity but their difficulty level, which makes the priority of the conditions wrong. I have a feeling it’s even more confusing, and there is the additional trouble of sorting by actual Deed conditions. It may just be because I haven’t found enough Deeds for it to be relevant, but I haven’t noticed any pattern in that. More information visible on a glance would help a lot, but I think their sorting algorithms need work too.

I agree that alot of it is unintuitive, and the colouration is “wrong” (as I discussed in a previous thread).

But, just in case people didn’t know this.
Blue icons = recruit
purple icons = veteran
orange icons = champion
green icons = Legend

It really should be the same as the item stuff. white, green, blue, orange, red

And they should DEFINITELY sort by difficulty…

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