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So we hear a lot of deed drops, rarity, difficulty and also how players find each other for them. On the hand, I don’t think anyone has ever mentioned how it’s absolutely impossible to tell what were the deeds modifiers from the scoreboard screen. Meaning, if you take a screenshot of the scoreboard, it’s your word if you really did accomplish a double-emp legend deed or just hung around a recruit deed with horde modifier for an hour.

Why would it be useful to me? Well, I currently have 338 deeds done and sometimes I clear the double emperor chests legend deeds with bots instead of with players. But, some players don’t understand how that’s even possible when I tell them. And, of course, I have no way of recording my success OTHER than doing a full video, which is awful for many reasons. Just now, I finished an “Into the Nest” vangard+harder+sudden death deed with 23k dmg, 42min, bots only, but I have no way from inside the game to show what the modifiers were at the scoreboard.

Solution: by adding the possibility of seeing what the deeds modifiers were from the scoreboard, everyone could save a record of their best deeds and share them, which would contribute to the community-related aspect of achieving them.

Also, seeing the modifiers from inside the deed by pushing tab could be an improvement, but that’s a different story I guess.

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Nobody who does not take your word that it was a Deed would believe the screen shot with deed modifiers anyway.

The only person it would benefit would be you, checking out your own stats later on. I’m not saying it should not be done, just that it wouldn’t be the proof you’re after.

another internet number.

Why is a full video “awful for many reasons”?

Assuming you’re running an Nvidia card it’s Alt-F9 with Shadowplay to capture the game, pretty simple.

Almost every single deed mission I play starts by having me say “what were the modifiers again?”. It would be great if they were listed on the tab menu or something.

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