Get rid of unwanted deeds

Look…I LOVE vermintide 2. It’s one of my favorite games, but I’m a fairly casual player. Mostly vet, some champion thrown in. And i dont really have a group of friends to do hard stuff with (ps4 player, hit me up!) So there are some deeds I get that I am literally NEVER going to do…because good God I’m not that big if a masochist. Some deed combos are downright CRUEL. Let me get rid of old unwanted deeds…that’s all I ask.

If you keep playing, you’ll eventually find that normal play feels easy, even on Legend, and that’s when the harder Deeds are welcome. Also, they’re good preparation for moving to a higher difficulty.

But after that, the opposite becomes true: A lot of the Deeds are for a lower difficulty, or with a single relatively easy modifier, and so there are still some that you want to get rid of. So I agree with you; those Deeds you don’t want to do for one reason or another will just stay there cluttering the interface. I’m still of the opinion that integrating Deeds into the crafting system (allowing us to both make new ones and salvage old) would be a huge service for getting more Deeds running. It’s not the only thing they need, but it would solve a lot of their problems, I think.


Deed rework is on the way, no ETA on release though.

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Is it? Didnt know that, awesome.

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Integrating the deeds into the crafting system would be the #1 way to please just about everyone involved and I think we can all agree that it would really help us get moving. The casual players can scrap the insanely-hard deeds in favor of simpler ones, the mid-range players can deal with the upper and the lower edge-cases, and the folks itching for a challenge can clear out the simpler ones to get another “Vanguard/Starvation/Nurgles Rot”

Everyone wins!

Anything that uses up my 999+ of almost everything I’m game.

For me the deeds that will never get played are Abduction, Deprivation and Instant Death… Extra hordes, extra specials and extra bosses(!) ,Vanguard, improved damage + health for elites etc and even the back to basics are all good for me, and it’s the reason why I play twitch rather than Deeds.

Forcing players to tinker with builds to start a deed is also a bit of a pain, as asking people to take This or That trinket for a single run will stall things.

Also people can join twitch. Whether they’re happy about it is another story but hey…


To fix deeds I think;

  • They need to appear in their own lobby browser for the first 5 minutes of a run so people could join if they wanted - with a list of the deed modifiers they’re signing up for.

  • The reward needs to be geared towards the deed a player crafts. Crafting a deed with tougher enemies, Vanguard, Increased specials, hordes and nurgles rot + instant death and abduction should give absolutely maximum rewards possible - and I don’t mean just 10 Emp Vaults - but something different and better.

  • The deeds need to be fundamentally different from a; regular play and b; twitch play and c; hyper twitch mode and ;d incentive enough to do the heroic thing for a good reward. Big ask.

  • The deeds also need to be different from whatever is happening as the weekly Event. Ouch. Even bigger ask.

So I suspect getting deeds to fit the criteria that they aren’t just hyper-twitch -without-being-able-to-join or tougher-enemies-but-same-rewards or specials-spam-like-before-patch-1.2 or continuous-horde-bug-from-pre-patch-1.1 is the reason it’s taking so long to get this thing right.

(edit) I’m glad they’re taking a long time!


Absolutely agreed, except I am a bit puzzled by your choice of the hardest parameters; to me it always seemed that the hardest were sudden death and especially abduction, and especially especially both of them at the same time, which is just insane. While Nurgle´s Rot has always seemed to me like perhaps the easiest one, and vanguard as maybe medium, maybe also rather easy (as long as you take your time and do not rush it that is).

EDIT: Actually, Back to the basics is probably the hardest imo.


True dat. I have one of these for legend skittergate, and by sigmar it is hard af. Granted, we usually only try it when the hour is late and we’ve had a few too many…

More double emporer legend deeds? Wish you could just pass them to other players that enjoy the challenge of a bit more than vanilla vermintide.

I for one have hardly any deeds remaining

Back to basics is the hardest, and the reward is really bad lol. The easiest deed modifiers are nurgles rot, which only becomes a problem with blood loss on twitch mode, as you lose hp faster than you can make temp hp. The rest are more hordes which is just more temp hp. No pickups, this can be side stepped with Bardin ranger. No ammo, this can be side stepped as well with ranger Bardin or WS/BH/HS in the party for special killing. The rest are OK as well, you just have to cautious. Although, 1 life and staying dead are a bit nasty when mixed together.

Now that books are available on Deprivation, I think only two modifiers need significant adjustment. I’ve gone more in-depth before, but basically, Back to Basics is too harsh to be enjoyable (and doesn’t have a proportional reward), though it could be remedied by splitting it into two or more variants (and still allowing them to be combined into the original); and Abduction is just badly designed, as it’s either completely irrelevant or a boring run-killer for the people it affects.

I guess the rewards in general could be adjusted too, but that hasn’t been really significant for me.

Back to basics didn’t use to affect your talents, but now even your lvl 5-25 talents are gone. Making it much harder.

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Ah, so it works correctly finally. Just emphasizes my point about it, really…

That would be great. Anything that lets us trade up the lower difficulty deeds would be welcome.

Although it is a bug, you can Quick Play the recruit deeds and so on into legend. That way they’re at least a challenge.

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Didn’t know that, thanks! Now I just need for deeds to allow joiners and I might actually burn through some.

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Where do you live? EU? My steam account is on my profile here, just click my name. If you want to do some, we can team up. I got a lot thirsty lads on my friends list. Get messaged at least 3 times a week by different people, “hey man, you got any of them deeds?”. Nearly everyone I know is completely out of them. One guy even bought the collectors edition for the 3 recruit deeds he quick played into legend. Lol

That’d be awesome, but unfortunately I’m in Australia. I tried playing in an EU game, and let’s just say that dodging disablers became difficult.

We could try. Depending on where in Australia you live, it might be OK. I’ve had 150-190 ping to Aussies before. I play with that twitch streamer goof, he’s in Singapore I think? And I only have around 180 ping or so.

Last time I played an EU game I was getting 400ms, so I think it’s best for both our stress levels if I wait until I’m not playing on toaster-tier internet, lol. Cheers though, if I ever do manage to get an upgrade, I’ll shoot you a PM.

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