Suggestions for Deeds

As we all know deeds are something which happens to be much of an afterthought within Vermintide 2. I have a fair few suggestions which maky fix these issues, or perhaps even make deeds a bit more mildly entertaining and or rewarding to the players who are willing to face the challenges presented to them.

SUGGESTION #1. Implementation of deeds within crafting.
As of right now deeds simply are given a random quality after loot boxes. I agree with this decision however after I have burned perhaps 500 hours on Vermintide 2 and I and the mates go on to play some deeds or whatnot I find myself not wanting to do the least rewarding deeds and or the lower difficulity ones, I only want to play on Legend.
As such I have a couple of suggestions that all fall within this category.
First of all, allow us to increase the difficulity of a deed using the appropriate crafting materials. A recruit will only have to use scrap metal to increase the difficulity to veteran deed, while a veteran deed to champion would require blue and green and a champion to legend would require an orange and a blue. Amount of which it is, is free to be discussed.
Second of all. Allow us to modify deeds via crafting. It is my second problem with deeds that I’ve no desire to do deeds with but one trait that gives me a soldier box for example. Allow us to upgrade these deeds, using the appropriate crafting materials. From letting a deed have one trait, to crafting it up to having two - and then crafting the quality to the deed to orange giving it three traits.
Within that suggestion I also advice to be able to change the traits of the deed. Just like re-rolling a weapon, you could change the traits of a deed, all RNG based of course.
This is something I’d really like to see within the game because after a certain point of playing Vermintide 2, resources become less meaningful. With a system like this in place, there is another reason to burn them.
Perhaps you could create a brand new resource that works with this system? Just an after thought.

SUGGESTION #2. Red “Legendary” Deeds.
Deeds are exciting but now let me go further. I doubt we will ever see something like this but you cannot fault a fan for dreaming - or an electrician neglecting his job as he hangs high up in a crane bored.
I suggest legendary red deeds that function alike deeds but will always have the same properties - and will have a completely unique experience to the player. In addition to these challenges, red deeds will give you an unique crate which only has one item. A guaranteed red weapon of the chosen class which you open it up wtih. Making red deeds something not only fun but desirable to be played by the more ‘advanced’ players of Vermintide 2.
Unlike the suggestion I placed above, red deeds cannot be changed and cannot be re-rolled, and aim to give a specific experience. I will list a set examples underneath to paint you all a picture as to what I am thinking about.

The Deed of the Blood God

  • [A pre-chosen map based off of RNG depending upon what was chosen at first. Alike any other deed.]
  • Players can only use melee weapons. Blood flows better when the arteries are sliced open.
  • No healing items will be found within the chosen map.
  • Players receive an X amount of health whenever they have killed X amount of units. Khorne favors those who spill blood, no matter who it belongs to.
  • Hordes spawn timers are drastically increased.
  • An unique Chaos-Lord mini-boss will spawn within the map, accompanied by Chaos Berzerkers. They must be eliminated

The Deed of the Decayed

  • [A pre-chosen map based off of RNG depending upon what was chosen at first. Alike any other deed.]
  • Permanent health is removed. All health is tempoary. Just as the teachings of Father Nurgle teaches us.
  • No healing items will be found. Only the greatest of heroes will endure this.
  • Nurgle’s rot is present within the deed, and is made more severe.
  • Hordes are drastically increased.
  • A unique mini-boss will spawn within the map, a most foul unclean daemon. He must be eliminated.

The Deed of the Great Architect of Change

  • A random map every time this deed is chosen. You shall not receive the ability to anticipate what the Lord of Change has in store for you.
  • All player weapons are randomized, and the weapon pool spans across all classes. Ergo, a Bardin can suddenly have a beam staff, and a Kruber could suddenly have a glaive and a grudge-raker. Cast aside the staleness of reality.
  • All passives from current classes are removed. Instead, players will receive 2x new passives. Whether they will be useful to you or not, is the price of change.
  • All health pools are randomized between 100-150. Who says an Ironbreaker requires 150HP - or that a grand elf cannot have 150? For within the realm of the everchanging - nothing remains the same.
  • A Chaos-Spawn mini-boss will spawn within the map. He must be eliminated.

The Deed of the Indulgent

  • [A pre-chosen map based off of RNG depending upon what was chosen at first. Alike any other deed.]
  • All players will begin with temporary HP and are wounded.
  • Each time a player picks up a supply item (with the exception of tomes and grims) they receive a bleed counter. Bleed counters will degrade the HP of a player and cannot be removed. They stack as well.
  • Grimoire Resistance is nullified. Be greedy - and take risks says the Prince.
  • Unique tomes of barbs will spawn within the deed. They will take the grenade slot and decrease the maximum HP of a hero by X amount - just like a grimoire. They will add dice rolls to a second chest, which will be elaborated further down below.
  • An unique Chaos-Lord mini-boss will spawn, accompanied by chaos warriors. Said boss heals from ranged damage. Only the most decisive of blows will hurt him…or her…or it?
    • Said boss will drop a third grimoire, which lowers the party max HP by an additional 10%. Be indulgent, brave heroes. Please be indulgent and take your fill.
  • Upon completion of the deed, the unique extra loot items will be used for a second treasure chest. You do want two chests do you not, heroes? Do take all the risks.

Thank you for reading.


I want this just to see bardin with a beam staff!

Really though, I love your ideas here and I’d like to see them implemented.

If FS themself won’t do it, then i put all my hopes in our Modder Community.

Well, those Veteran quality Deeds would certainly be an interesting way to incorporate some of the wilder gameplay mods into the Official Realm. Although the random change one you suggested would likely be far too random for people to accept, bringing in just annoyance (and retrying the Deed with new settings until you get something playable) instead of fun.

Those are some excellent challenges, we need the modders to come out and make these ones happen. :smiley:

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