Suggestion for Deeds

Hello Fatshark!

Deeds are a cool concept, in the early days I really liked them. However they quickly became boring and frustrating, mostly due to RNG and lack of control. I now have a lot of old deeds for low levels, or deeds with meh mutators or maps that I’m not that excited about… and even if I did all the deeds, all the time, that 500 deed achievement is going to take FOREVER…

Anyway, I had this idea for a Deed system replacement. Make them into an alternate game mode (sort of like Vermintide 1 Last Stand), where the Lobby Host can select the map, and the mutators. The reward would calculate automatically based on the difficulty + mutators combination - so if someone wanted to be insane they could do Legend Skittergate with all the mutators, for a 10 Legend Vault reward or something like that.

Adding on to this, make it so that this new Deed system can be joined via the lobby browser. Not quickplay of course, but in the lobby browser Deed games could be flagged as such or have their own category in the browser.


I was just typing up an essay on this when I saw your thread. I agree, though I’d have them be part of the standard game mode instead of being an alternate one.

The mutators are great fun, but the way they’re currently applied doesn’t really encourage people to use them.

+1 on allowing joiners. Why, oh why is this not allowed already?

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the backend on that would probably be a huge pain for them, and more than a little exploitable for the modders. Soooooo…no.


Care to elaborate? There’s already a backend of sorts in place for the current deed system…

Agree! I can understand not having quickplay people get dropped into deeds since that would be unfun for people looking for the standard experience, but deeds really should be joinable via lobby browser or at LEAST via steam invites.

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See, I think the standard experience would benefit from including mutators. It would keep things fresh and force a shakeup of the meta. Imagine how the game would change if people couldn’t just rely on their infinite ammo or temp health invulnerability to get them through every imaginable situation, for example?


Imagine if Okri’s challenges had something bounty board (from V1) esque, and gave specific rewards for completing certain maps with certain modifiers?


Just add an option on the quick play panel to be able to join a mutated game.
Overhauling quick play to be user friendly to play what the user wants quickly should be the thing.

Also please show active mutilators in tab menu.


I’ve been discussing this with fellow players as well. Some kind of quickplay with chosen or random mutators as a separate queue.

Would also like to add that there should be some kind of deed bonus (similar to the quickplay bonus) so that deeds are actually somewhat viable if you want to go farming for gear as well. Could be the same 50% of a loot bar or 75/100% of a bar to add some incentive.

+1 on V1 bounty board (even though I never played V1 myself) :slight_smile:


Just registered to bump this and hopefully get some attention.

A quickplay and host into deeds is definitely needed for players with 300-500h+ in the game, I for one will take a break until new content comes because normal legend just doesn’t create the kind of clutch situations anymore that used to be common 1,2,3 months after launch which were my favorite moments of this game. I think with deeds + pugs this could come back and therefore hope that something like this is going to be implemented.


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