Match making, deeds and achievements

It would be nice if you could modify the interface to allow people to create/look for lobbies going for the deeds or achievements.

a) Deeds: the host should select a deed when creating a game. The player looking for a game - either the particular level or the quickplay - should be able to select the option to search for deed lobbies (and maybe even “I don’t care”, leading them to both deed and regular games). The deed search would never be selected as default. The deeds can still be joined only at the beginning. (Rejoining the deed should be possible, provided it was the player who started with the group and the elapsed time is less than 4 min.)

b) Achievements: the host should be able to click on an achievement button when starting a game, both qp and particular campaigns, signalling to anyone joining that the primary goal of the game is one or more of the achievements of the campaign. The game should be clearly marked as such in the lobby browser. Other players should be able to ignore the achievement games in their searches.


Yeah. Many of us have been hoping for a way to make deeds more accessible.

A lot of times we may not have a full group, friends are not on but I still feel like doing a deed etc…

As it is right now you either need a pre made or have to convince pubs to give it a go.

FS has kinda been hinting around at removing some of the RNG based rewards and I think they should consider taking the deeds out of the loot drop table.
Allow us to create them. If it needs to cost crafting materials, so be it.

Ah another deed thread.

We should get rid of deeds as consumables entirely and replace them with match mutators that affect the loot at the end of the match in the same way the tomes and grimoires do.

I don’t see why people shouldn’t be able to join deeds in progress under this system.

Speaking of deeds, the current rewards are bogus. Back to Basics (the hardest deed IMO) at champ is apparently hard as balls for most players, let alone legend. If someone is motivated by loot alone, it’s totally understandable that they don’t want to play for a piddly soldier’s chest.


A search function for deeds would be nice and a rework of the deed reward. I want a reward system like in V1 was with that keys. Difficult Deeds should give you an key and with enough keys you can get a guaranteed red item or hat. Another cool reward would be materials and dust. I know i can melt the trash from the boxes but i mean only dust as reward but than more than you normally get from melting 3 items or red dust would be cool as reward too. But i think only some boxes are not so cool.
Im doing no deeds because of this 2 reasons. You can only do it with friends or alone and the reward is not so cool.

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