What's the point of not being able to join deeds

A lot of players are used to normal legend games and want a challenge, but the devs have entirely removed the ability to join deeds. This does not make any sense because you cannot exploit deeds for loot boxes if you were only allowed to join while still in the keep. Just add the deed icon to the server list so people can see that there is a deed chosen as the map. It’s almost like they don’t want to extend the longevity of the game.


I guess it is designed this way so you couldn’t just drop into a deed game near the end and get the rewards for free, or that you might not be properly prepared for the deed, which kinda makes sense since deeds sometimes do required some kind of proper preparation. Still think you should be able to join them, but that would be points that could speak against it.

You can join deeds. Ask your friends what map they are playing the deed on. Load up a private game on the same map, when you get in game. Have your friend invite you, you can now join their deed. You might have to join once or twice, as it’s not intended and does bug sometimes and kick you back to the keep. Also, you won’t get any of the extra rewards from the deed.

That’s not joining - that’s “bugging into”.


In other words: The Vermintide Way.

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I did say it’s not intended to happen and does bug xD But, if you want to join your friends deeds in progress, it’s useful, or in case you d/c.

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Yeah, that’s good to know. Thank you.

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I think this is it, yeah. The deeds were implemented as a scarce resource. I think that was a mistake, in retrospect. But given that people are/were willing to play on recruit (shudder) to chase the “X deeds completed” challenges I think it’s probably safe to say that people would start playing to the end then inviting friends to join, etc.

Ultimately I think we want the mutators freed from being a limited resource.

I play deeds only champion and legend difficulties… and I do not play them for any reason but for the fun and challenge. I do not care anymore about loot from them, they are hilariously underwhelming rewards for the deeds themselves. Last night I finished my 50th deed. Not playing for loot boxes at all, could care less.

But those deed portraits definitely do speak loud about how good those players are. I find people with 50+ deeds completion portraits tend to be, unsurprisingly, outstanding exceptional players. No coincidence. Those medals are a right of passage as small of a reward it is. But in game when I see someone playing with a high deed completion portrait, that tells me 99% of the time that this person is a solid af player. And its not an incorrect assumption. If any portrait in the game speaks of skill then this one is a high indicator.

Getting back to the OP though, I agree. There does need to be a deeds connect system in game so people can find people to specifically play deeds with.

So in short, what would likely be a good way to implement this: Open up Deeds for joining through the Lobby Browser, but not Quickplay (as that would probably be a nasty shock for many). Put an icon somewhere identifying a run as a Deed, possibly with a tooltip showing the modifiers, so that no one joins blind. If sensibly possible and if cheap extra loot and Deed completion is a concern, lock them out from new people joining after halfway/two-thirds/three-quarters point or so.

These would help with finding groups to do Deeds with, not necessitating running normal maps first or finding a group outside the game proper; and would put more Deeds into the rotation, as people could start Deed runs solo and expect others to join them later.

Separately, but not exclusively, also give out more Deeds or a chance to craft them, so we get more into rotation. While everyone can start Deed runs in the Keep, they still run out quite fast when people start actively running them. Also getting rid of old, lower difficulty Deeds would be a QoL change, as through Quests, we still keep getting Champ chest and Deed from those, and many (most?) players have no use whatsoever for Recruit or Veteran Deeds, despite some spamming them for easy completions.

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