Does anyone actually play deeds?

With the amount of enemies who stop cleave, it seems rather impossible to complete these games with pubbies.

Yes, people actually do play them. Some of us like the added and specialized challenges they offer, and several combinations may end up even more difficult than the next difficulty level in general (Send in the Next Wave and The Vanguard, for example). Some also (practically) require specialized equipment and builds, e. g. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger and Deprivation.

And you cannot join in a deed run after it’s been selected (even if invited), so no playing them with completely random people. Everyone at least knows (well, should know, as you might just accept the mission without looking) what’s coming, and probably has played at least one run with the others already.

I would if those actually dropped more often. The last 2 legend deeds i did were like 2 weeks ago and haven’t had new ones drop since.
Either i’m the unluckiest guy on the planet when it comes to those or they really need to reconsider how those things are dropped.

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Is that so?
I started an “easy” Legend deed today (no ammo in map) and I’ve seen at least a dozen “XXX is joining”.
Sure that was always followed by “XXX has left”, but I thought they were just turning tail when they realised it was a deed.

I don’t play deeds, as I’m a solo player.
Kinda sad we can’t matchmake them.

What happens, is if people attempt to join a deed in progress, a window will pop up much the same as if you lose internet connection, saying a deed is in progress, or this lobby has activated a deed, denying you access.

I’m not 100% on this, but I believe I saw it when trying to join a friend for a deed.


You are correct I think the deeds still show up in the lobby browser and people try to join them not knowing it is a deed, and get rejected like you said.

@OP I love deeds, they’ve been some of the most fun I’ve had in this game. Hard ones I wait for a full group and the easy ones I run with one or two friends just to have fun and get crafting materials.

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Deeds are my favorite part of the game so far. I’m often lead to trying different careers and talents than I’d normally use and create a separation from the standard mission style.
They seem to be influences by WoW’s Mythic+ system, which is not a bad thing because it was successful in making 5 man content more repeatable and an actual core game element.

I’d actually be happy to see scaling deeds and more varieties, and am hoping they have some plans for the future of deeds in general.

Sorry for the off-topic, but I’d like to react here ^^

“They seem to be influences by WoW’s Mythic+ system”
Hmm, same as the current skill trees, which I don’t like. I mean, I’m a WoW Vanilla to WotLK Skill trees enthusiast. I don’t play current WoW because of that (among lots of other things).
Vermintide 2 dissapointed me here, I don’t chose to specialize, I HAVE TO specialize. Not only talking about talents, but traits/properties. I could turn soldier’s repeater into a real gatling gun (I can make a video if needed, to prove it), while here in VT2, I just can’t.
The fact is, we lost a lot of customzation. I’m 160h+ into VT2 and yet, I miss VT1 terribly.

Aaaaaanyway… I hate how WoW turned, I didn’t expect VT2 to turn the same. Preordered it, won’t follow this path once again.

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Yes my friends and I do quite a few of them. Find some good players and if you want you can add them as friends. Then you can do your deeds with good players rather than randoms.

I actually play deed, but I think we need a “deed lobby browser” to look up for people doing deeds, cause right now unless you got friends it’s impossible to start one as a team :frowning:

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