Deeds - create new play group or queue mechanic

I have reached a point now that I am challenging myself with playing deeds. But the problem is: fatshark your system of queuing players for them is non existent. And of course, no one can instantly join while a deed is in play. Thats fine of course, I can agree with the no quick join.

But for the love of god, can I not find people a bit easier to play deeds with? Let me explain what I do right now.

I open up a queue for random players, by starting a quickplay custom game. Then as people join my party, I tell them that I am assembling a crew for deeds, and they have the choice whether they stay or not… then decide what deeds/difficulty etc we are going to do.

I should not have to lure players through quickplay like that though Fatshark… come on guys.

Give us a separate Deeds play selection or queue or something.


Deeds should appear in the lobby browser for people to join with their respective difficulty and map shown (but not the deed modifiers), but they cannot be joined once they’ve started.


I agree with the above. Actually anything would be better than the process we have today.

For deeds the current process of finding players for this game mode is non existent. Non existent being the key point. Seems like the devs just let this one go to purposefully come back to it later I guess!

So pretty much anything would be better than what we have today for playing deeds.

Deeds actually can be joined in progress btw. You simply start a private game and then join into your friends lobby from in game. You won’t get the chest though but it beats waiting around for your mates to finish.

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Literally non existent. I just wanna play deeds with a full group.

On the Fatshark official discord, check the “looking for group” channel. You can just ask to do deeds in there, I see people do it every now and then.

Or look for one of JohnHurricanes posts, he has a discord with around 80+ Legend players now. You have to do some trial runs with a group first, then you get broken down into tiers, as shown below.


When you join, find someone with the yellow tag, they normally only do Deeds. But as this persons tags show, they also use Twitch mode when doing deeds.

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