Deeds are way too scarce

Apologies if this is a repetitive post - I usually hang out in the Steam forums.

Quite simply, it needs to be easier to acquire deeds. The drop rate is pitiful. I have logged thousands of hours in VT2 and still have only got 442 deeds from loot chests. I’m not a member of a pre-made team and have zero interest in joining discord groups. I’m perfectly happy playing deeds with bots only, but you gotta give me the deeds first so I can play them. I’d like to get the 500 deed portrait but just to acquire the deeds I’ll have to grind hundreds of more hours in standard quickplay games. It’s ridiculous!

Fatshark, please make it easier to play deeds by either:

  1. introduce a quicklplay deed lobby so players can share deeds in-game without having to install some 3rd party software like discord.

  2. Increase the drop rate of deeds from chests.

  3. Guarantee that at least one new deed drops from the chest(s) you receive from completing a deed.

  4. Replace the Weekly Event with a Daily Deed and let it count towards the deed portraits.

  5. Let me craft deeds with excess crafting materials/essence.


You are right, but let me give to you an advice: in QP lobbies, try to ask if someone want “sacrifice” a deed… often I got a positive answer. I gained the 500 deeds portrait also thanks this way.

I want they make those deeds slavage-able instead.

Wow, I wish I had your deed rate luck. I’m at 1,300 and have only dropped like 125 total. If they aren’t going to rework deeds any time soon, they should definitely increase the drop rate.

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Yeah, they are really scarce.

I think it should just be a deed lobby. Deeds shouldn’t be a consumable drop. It should just be a mode. And you would increase your rewards by selecting more and more challenging modifiers.

I have thousands of deeds to do

just keep playing you will get more than enough and nobody wants to do them