Can we get a Deed Lobby already?

I’ve been working on the Deed frames. So far, I’ve done 435 with bots only. This is because there is no way to find players interested in Deeds IN-GAME (I ain’t gonna go to Discord). Anyway, I’ve run into a brick wall because of the absolutely pitiful drop rate of deeds from chests. It’s pathetic. Anyway, with a few simple tweaks to the Lobby Browser, this problem could be solved. Just add a new “Deed” catergory under “Game Type”, make unprivated Deeds NOT accessible through Quick Play (they currently are and people don’t like joining deeds unexpectedly) - make Deeds only joinable directly through the Lobby Browser. And when you select a game with Game Type = Deed, show the deed modifiers under the “characters currently being played window”, so players can spec their characters correctly - e.g., natural bond for deprivation deeds. These simple additions to the Lobby Browser would make it much easier to share deeds, find a team, and get the portraits. Thanks.


That seems like a easy thing to add in, doesn’t it?
Two years and counting.


Apoloigies for bumping my own thread. Been thinking about the deed portraits some more. A deed lobby would be the best solution, but the main problem (at least for someone like me that is happy playing with bots) is the artificial scarcity of deeds. Here are some other solutions:

  1. Replace the Weekly Event with a Daily Deed:
    Have new STANDARD deed modifiers (the event modifiers suck) every day on randomized maps and give us credit for the deed portrait achievements. This is a deed lobby where players aren’t limited by deed availability.

  2. Make Twitch games count as Deeds for the Deed Portraits.

  3. Make each chest directly rewarded for a deed (not the randomized chest for completing a game) contain another deed; so, you never run out of deeds. This system would mean you get a minimum of 1 deed and 5 items per completed deed, which would encourage people farming loot to play deeds rather than the standard game mode.

Agree with deed lobby but i think deeds should stay 'rare ‘ish’. But instead of rng drops i would like to see a consistent way to get them, so for example: every 10 chest you open you get 1 deed. So deeds keep their rarity and add a lobby so we can find games more often. A deed lobby browser would already alleviate alot of the low chance of deeds.

Edit: or for example, every 4 chests you get a deed, so you can keep playing with the same players as long as every player in the squad has 1 deed to begin.

I dunno maybe my 30k of jewelry parts could craft a deed or two?


I just don’t know why deeds need to be rare. The loot system is way too grindy and RNG already. Personally, I don’t care about loot at this point - I already have every chest cosmetic in the game. The annoying thing is I want the 500 deed portrait. It would take me about 200 hours of gameplay to get if I had unlimited deeds; but, because of the artificial deed scarcity, it takes thousands of hours for a single player to farm 500 deeds. It’s stupid.

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I think deeds are a good idea and good designed, the issues are Rng drop and no matchmaking to find inside the game. I don’t wanna take away from the originality of deeds and just make them drop every chest. I also like the idea that players have to ask or find players to play deeds, makes it a bit more social and unique in my opinion, i think a deed lobby is great for that. ofcourse the 500 deed frame exist and alot of players just want that as efficiently as possible. But just think of deeds without the deed frame goal.

The idea could be to either craft them with orange dust, a certain amount, something like 9-12 per deed or make deeds drop guaranteed every 4 chests or something (regardless of type, only difficulty counts), or both those things. Combine that with a deed lobby and i would say deeds are pretty good. Good way to find players; consistent way to obtain deeds; able to infinitly play deeds as long as each member of your team of 4 players (which you found trough deed lobby) has 1 deed to start with.

I know how absurd the grind is for deeds if done solo, but an idea to get deeds reliably (no rng) and combined with a deed lobby, i could see deeds get very popular. (even more then currently). Veteran players could craft 200000 deeds if they have the dust for them or chests to open.

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Deeds definitely need fixing. I don’t care what the solution is as long as I can play deeds with other players regularly without having to install 3rd party software like discord and signing up to V2 fora to find players. Fatshark seem to devote few resources to V2 recently, so I think the simplest solution - turning the Weekly Event button into a Deed Lobby - would be the most achieveable solution. All the infrastructure for deed matchmaking already exists. Fatshark just need to make it happen.

IMO, deeds are fun but twitch mode is way more enjoyable because of the unpredictablity and variation in the game play. I would actually prefer it is deeds were dumped entirely and replaced with a twitch lobby and frames, but that’s probably asking too much.

I want to stress this: I can’t open any more chests because my inventory is absolutely CLOGGED with deeds, and I can’t queue them in a lobby and only play with pubs. I only have a bit of red dust left and when the next new carreer hits, I won’t be able to craft new reds (and honestly, I shouldn’t be forced to smelt down the reds I am using just because I have FOUR PAGES worth of deeds I can only solo queue with).

It’s simply not accetable to have a deed system that not only limits you to premades or playing solo, but also messes with your inventory and there is NOTHING you can do about it.

I think deeds are an undervalued and underappreciated part of the game.
I think it’d be nice to make deeds more “acceptable” as an alternative to spamming QP, and I don’t know why we don’t. I like lobbies where suddenly a mission prompt for a deed pops up, it is always a nice surprise and I never say no.
I’ll actually try to start more deed games. Also sad their drop is rng in chests though.

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