Deed drop rate too low

i opened 100 champion chests (46 gen and 54 emp) and only got 1 deed. i think its weird that i received more red items than deeds. in those boxes i opened, i got 7 red items. it must be a bug where deeds have lower drop rate than red items.

i also opened 52 legend vaults and received zero deeds but got 6 red items. this is absurd as i would rather have deeds than red items.

suggestion: please have champ and legend deeds drop from commendation chests too since i have no use in opening those types of boxes since i never get anything worthwhile from them anyways. i opened 100 commendation chests and didnt even get a hat. at least put something in there that would make me want to open them like including deeds.

please increase drop rate for deeds because this doesnt appear to be working right.

EDIT: devs moved this thread from bugs to feedback. RIP i guess deeds are dead with no intention of ever getting fixed. i guess i wont be coming back here since devs dont care about their customers’ concerns about the game. i guess it doesnt matter. everyone saying that devs are killing their own game. looks like its true. welp i had fun while it lasted. i wont be wasting anymore money on this garbage since devs dont care.


I agree with the thought, but this is not a bug and as such should probably go to Feedback.

well my friend been playing this game since release and he said deeds supposed to have higher drop rate than reds but they dont so its a bug to me.

That’s useful info to include in the opening message, as that kind of thing can’t be inferred from the original content. That said, your friend might be referring to how things were originally - at launch, Veteran items were a lot rarer than now, but Deeds’ drop rates haven’t changed at all, and they’re annoyingly rare still.


not exactly. only a dev would know what the drop rates for deeds are supposed to be anyways. thats why i made post to see if its true. if they see i only got 1 deed out of all of those boxes today then they would know whether or not its a bug but i’m assuming it is because my friend says he stopped getting deeds since august.

i saved up every single one of boxes til today and got my first and only deed today. that seems horribly wrong to me considering there’s a challenge to complete 500 deeds but i’m not getting any deeds :woman_facepalming:

they want you to grind real real hard and slow, cause you know, they like the grind

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No need to be dramatic about it. Drop rates are what they are, it’s not a bug, just poor design. Need for a deed rework has been acknowledged and is in the works, clearly intention is there. [quote=“Rat_Lives_Matter, post:3, topic:37191, full:true”]
well my friend been playing this game since release and he said deeds supposed to have higher drop rate than reds but they dont so its a bug to me.

…and? Not to bash on your friend but I wouldn’t consider him to be the source of truth on the issue. Plus, RNG being what it is, you can open a lot of chests and still get screwed and that doesn’t mean that the drop rate is bugged, just that luck is a cruel mistress and she is f***ing you extra hard. I would know, I hardly ever get reds and when I do it’s just another damn beam staff that I don’t want xD

Don’t get me wrong, I want deeds reworked very badly. Unfortunately at this stage we just have to be patient and wait, the topic has been raised and beaten to death on these forums and Reddit and the devs are well aware.


deeds need an overhaul, but because of beastmen is in the mix now, its extremely hard to do a deed
with beastmen on, if off, then sure it is not so bad. they need to either tweek the main core difficulties slightly to balance the difficulty spike in deeds.

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Deeds in general need a rework. I don’t really have a problem with editing the drop rate in the meantime, but its a band aid fix on a system we’ve been asking to be reworked for awhile. Just like crafting.


Reds were rarer before, the red drop rate was increased. So that’s probably why you’re getting more now. So yea, not a bug.

As for deeds. A rework has been in the works for some time. I don’t recall any statements on what the rework will look like though. A lot of people are hoping for a simple drop down menu where you can just turn on the stuff you want.

Btw, try asking for deed parties on the Fatshark discord. Lots of people do this as it’s better to share the deeds than solo them if you’re going for the achievements.


no dropdown menu
just make a box with a check mark. drop down menu would look ugly as hell

filter map pools of the maps you want in rotation all dlc included

filter ping radius near/medium/far

they should also have a map check list when viewing missions/acts so you know what you completed and at what difficulty, that could also have a mouse over check list

inventory screen should have a check list on the side of weapons with illusions
or to clean that up, be able to interchange them with the illusions with a check box, so that it will apply that skin to the weapon

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please provide link to this supposed deed rework because i havent found anything about it. i’ve only received 1 deed out of 152 chests/vaults. regardless of what you say, this is clearly unacceptable.

i dont use discord and will not join one just for deeds. if that was the intention all along, it was clearly not thought out properly. not everyone uses discord.

Look, we’re clearly all on the same page here, you can’t shake a stick around the forums without finding someone who is unhappy with deeds. Devs are aware and it has been stated multiple times that a rework is in order. I’m not going to spend time searching posts here and Reddit when you could just as easily do that yourself.

Obviously Discord was never the intention, it’s simply a community-created solution to ease the frustration for the time being and help people find other deed seekers to play with. No one is requiring you to do it, we’re just trying to help you out here. Discord is free and takes all of five minutes to download and set up, but hey, if you don’t want to use it then don’t.


Do you have many deeds ? Because I’m pretty sure the drop rate depends on your number of deeds left.
When I did go for the 500 deeds, I noticed it increased a lot when I was reaching the end of them. (they became a pretty common drop)

i dunno if they changed anything, but seem to getting more deeds than usual that I probably will never touch because of beastmen are just too strong on legend

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