0% Deed Drop from Chests >100 valid chests

Issue Summary: I have been sitting on 200+ Chests because I didn’t want to deal with the interface… but today I decided, what the hell, I’m running low on deeds, so I might as well open them. I got 0 Deeds; here was the butcher’s bill.

2 Legend Emp
2 Legend Gen
15 Champ Emp
15 Champ Gen
30 Champ Soldier
~40 Chests Champ Merchant or lower
35 Comp Chests (These don’t drop deeds, right?)

Result: 2 Reds, 0 Deeds

This is not an “RNG is a cruel mistress” situation, this is a bug or a flawed behavior. I have played this game since beta, and I have never seen a Deed shortage like this one. It feel like something in the same vein of rerolling a trait and getting the same trait ~10 times in a row, which is a problem that seems to happen with a weird frequency, and seems to suggest there’s something up with the RNG.

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I did at least i got all 100 helm + did more than 450 deed now
I count how many deed i got when i started to do deed(was 110~120 when i start deed) and count deed whenever i got it.
It is less than 200…
deed drop rate is extremely low so even heavily time invested player can’t afford.
problem is, just after you start deed, you will see players who are doing deed around you know deed is extremely rare so most of them act selfish

since i played deed, i got 30~50 steam friends from vermintide 2 and all of them suffered from deed extinction. 20~30 friends stopped playing both deed and vermintide 2 because of deed low drop rate.
i know there will be deed rework but what’s the point of deed rework if players are already quit this game because of it?
i mean, just buff deed drop rate for temporary measure is too hard for fatshark?
just buff deed drop rate till reworking deed system so heavy players can stay game

That’s my feeling as well. Some of the deeds are really fun to play – and most end up requiring a time/effort investment that is comparable to a full book run. I get that there’s some rebalancing going on, but I don’t expect to see more reds/cosmetics than deeds. And ZERO deeds after 100 chests suggest something is wrong to me.

because deed drop rate is actually lower than reds

for reds, 4.5% for champ emp, 7.6% for legend merchant, 9.1% for legend soldier, 11.6% for legend gen and 16.1% for legend emp from data mining.

what drop rate deed is? it is 4.5% on legend emp
i don’t know low tier chest because data miner didn’t mine more
since game released, there are tons of request for deed drop rate fix
but yeah, deed reworking is coming but maybe after vermintide 3 released

Nearly everyone I know is out of deeds. Which is why my mates will get mad if someone solos one XD FS said they are reworking the deed system. So we’ll have to wait and see

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Can’t confirm the rng is working as it should, but it is not impossible (due to a bug) to obtain a deed right now.
Got one out of a general’s vault yesterday (earned the chest & opened).

it’s not a bug, it the (in)famous fsRndThing^tm

It is rng tho… I’ve still been getting deeds. I agree the drop rate is way too low.

This really comes down to a question of designer intention.

I opened more than 100 valid chests; I got no deeds. Is this the game operating as intended, or is this an instance of the game behaving in a way that the designers did not intend? Maybe their core RNG is operating as intended, but they have adjusted odds to a point where they’re getting an undesirable outcome. Maybe this is more a balancing/tweaking issue than a bug.

If this is just a black swan event, fair enough… If this is something that could happen 1 in 10 times, then maybe it’s a problem.

Maybe I’m being unrealistic, but I kinda think I getting a deed should be 1 in 10 rather than 1 in 100+.

This is part of big problem fatshark has.
They just make everything hard to get

before they buff red drop rate, red drop rate on legend emp was 3%
even data miner revealed this and ppl blamed for it a lot almost 6 month
there was no change at all and they reluctantly accept rng was too hard
now it is 16.1% so it seems they care player’s want but it is not

commendation hat drop rate is 1% or under 1% (i don’t know they buff rng after hat grade patch)

deed drop rate is 4.5% even on legend emp
surely lower tier chests have lower rng

bogenhafen costume(LAZY RECOLOR) and hat(just little extra add copy paste version of existed hat) were rewarded once a week with 25 quick play quest
it was changed to 3 AFTER 1 month dlc released with huge blame
even now, you need to spend over 4month to collect all
why we pay money and we can’t get just cosmetics easily?

some helms are required 100 games to get
so 1500 games are needed if you want collect them

deed counting to 500 is also one of problems on fatshark’s POV

well i did all except deed(now 470+) but i don’t want others suffered from this stupid, maybe worse than korean MMO style farming

this game is not f2p, we paid

even f2p games like warframe, have better rng
and R6 siege has alphapack which boost drop rate each game you played

This is sadly just a result of pure RNG. Thankfully as Smoker says we have a deed rework in the… works which should solve this once and for all.


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