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Hello, I come to present my concerns to the subjects of the deeds.
After 1,800 hours of play, and I also participated in the first beta of the game. I have never struggled so hard to find a deed! I am approaching 2000 hours of play, and over the last few months I have occasionally opened a chest, still not a falling deed … I saved 40 in legends, ranging from soldier to emperor, out of the 40 chests there were a total of 120 loots, including 13 red but on the other hand 0 “DEEDS”!

And it will be months since I haven’t had one! Me who is a player who plays solo, I have only 2 “Back to basic” which tempts me not too much but in short … Deeds is super interesting but it requires a rework! I’m at 253 deeds, including 180 solo! I find it abused to make a ton of trunks, hours and hours not to have one.

The best system is to adjust our actions ourselves and according to the penalties to have such a reward! it would be much better than having clearly 0% chance in loots!

Thank you for your attention! (PS: sorry for my English, I’m French)


Sadly, a “Deed Rework” has been called for since their release but nothing was changed. Crafting your own deeds somehow with more reward for more risk was a common suggestion.

For something that “drops” from chests, their droprate is way too low. Red items are more common! You can’t even get rid of them yourself when you don’t want to use them and they take up inventory space (there is a limit of something around 800 entries).
There are a lot of problems with Deeds as they are, but 3 years after release I would not get my hopes up.


Since they plan to release a new extension, it would be cool to rework at the same time! That we can choose our penalties on the maps we want, including DLC ​​maps! Without having to go through a usebug to change the map (knowing that I’m a big fan of the solo player, the ub but impossible and in addition I don’t like that, it ruins the game the UB)

I really hope they will do something about it!

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I have the opposite problem: I have too many Deeds in my inventory that I do not want to do. Like “Back to basic”.

Besides, there is not much left for me to do Deeds before the 500-frame. And I need to do Deeds, but not like that.

Even worse, it takes up inventory space.

And no, do not offer me any exploits to change Deeds. I only play solo and cheating is disgusting to me anyway.

I need the ingame ability to re-roll Deeds and / or Salvage Deeds.


As far as I know, the deed rework is still in progress but they’ve obviously been working on other content. Might just be on the back burner for now. Perhaps @Fatshark_Hedge can clarify


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it would be great to have some information! If there is indeed a redesign of the deeds. Deeds still give some a hell of a challenge, but couldn’t get any at all, and not looting can be very frustrating. Thank you for your answers, hoping to have more =)

They keep throwing it on to the back burner’s back burner, then on to the back burner’s back burner’s back burner, then on to the back burner’s back burner’s back burner’s back burner

Maybe we’ll get to check it out eventually, but I’m highly highly skeptical after it’s taken this long and the only dev response is “totally still working on that”


Remember. It was also promised to remove duplicate hats from inventories and loot. I also really need it, I really look forward to it - in waiting for this I don’t open my Commendation Chests.

Ah my poor dude…

The thing about the current deed system is you have to beg in random qp

lobbies to do deeds and reach the 500 portrait if that is the goal.

I got it done before cata was a thing and the way I did it was joining random lobbies
(I know you can glitch to any difficulty but it messes with spawns, gief cata deeds)

and begging people to do legend deeds if not then id leave and repeat,

this method took me about a month or two… good times

weird dude

My goal is certainly to have the 500 deeds for the challenge, but also after continuing to do the deeds. Because the concept is good, but if it takes you 1 month now to have “ONE” only, it is not possible. Reviewing a more suitable system with the reward system still active would be really cool, obviously keeping all the penalties that there are currently! Because they are really top notch and they bring a satisfying challenge once finished!

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Why it’s taking so long to re-woek deeds is mystifying. At the very least Fatshark could label people playing deeds in the lobby browser so we could use that to find deed games.

Better still they could make the ‘weekly event’ button into a ‘Daily Deed’ button, with modifiers that change every day - that way we wouldn’t be reliant on deeds dropping from chests and deeds could be totally removed from the loot system so that they don’t fill up the inventories of players that don’t play them. It would also give deed players a quick play matchmaking system.

Anyway, in my experience I get 1 deed drop from a loot chest for every 10 hours of game play - it’ll take approximately 5k hours for a solo player to get enough deeds for the 500 deed portrait frame. Your quickest way to do the challenge is to find a pre-made group and share deeds. I wasn’t fortunate to be part of such a group, so I changed my Steam user name to ‘WannaPlayDeeds’ - quite often when you meet people in quick play and they read your name they will volunteer to do a deed or 2 from their supply. It’s still cumbersome and took me thousands of hours to get the 500 frame. Just keep grinding and pray Fatshark fix what is a relatively simple problem.


Go find out why they take so long … Maybe luckily it will be for the “Chaos waste” extension, hopefully!

A response from them here to find out more would be appreciated.

Because it’s a shame that such an important feature in the game, which has been there from the beginning, is now a problem. I reopened a total of 20 legendary chests (In addition to the others there 2 days ago, still not A DEED!

Fixing deeds etc. won’t bring them more money like putting out another DLC will, that’s my bet why it still hasn’t happened


Pretty sure that won’t be the case.

That almost certainly won’t happen either, unless maybe you tag a developer… but even then, it will probably come down to them saying “It’s on the list”… or some similar phrase that’s been served up for 2 years on so many unsolved issues, and this isn’t the first - and probably not the last - Deed thread either.

I certainly understand the frustration, but there’s no need to get your hopes up either… to help with the topic, just look in the Steam group, there is a tab “Deeds” where people are looking for groups or players quite often.

Releasing DLC’s for a game with countless problems in the base version unfortunately only leads to bad blood aswell, when players come back because of the DLC and then still face the same old bugs that made them stop playing… This is just my humble opinion, but “Trusting FatShark” shouldn’t just start again with Darktide…


True, but they’ll still be making money off of the purchases

Putting the dev work in to reworking deeds doesn’t attract purchases

It’s a cynical viewpoint but makes sense to me at this stage of the game

Make sure that we choose our penalties for the deeds, and be able to throw them as we want without depending on parchment with 2 balls that I have not looted from 60+ chests, well frankly that would be much better and then I am sure to do that will take them a few days, knowing that they already have the associated penalties.

Yeah as has been said here already, fixing existing systems doesn’t make money (at least not directly). If this is FS’s reason for ignoring deeds indefinitely… well I honestly do understand, but they really need to release these systems in a less half assed way in the first place if they’re just never gonna touch them again. The problems with deeds were all completely foreseeable from day 1 of pre release beta.

The number of half baked systems we’re still stuck with because V2 was pushed out in such an unnecessary rush is what really makes me not “trust Fatshark with Darktide”. It feels like they’ve been playing a game of catch up but only falling further behind.

I’m sorry if it isn’t profitable, but if you half ass your base game systems this badly, you kind of have an obligation to your playerbase to fix them, and promptly albeit that ship sailed many moons ago. At least if they want us to invest in their next product (I pre ordered V2 and as it stands no way I’m buying Darktide at launch, will likely wait for a hefty sale before I take another risk with this developer).

Fatshark may not make more money by fixing the deed system, but making obtaining deeds or matchmaking into deed games more easy would make getting the deed portraits realistically achievable for players that don’t have 1000s of hours to grind for 500 RNG deed drops from loot boxes. While it won’t increase profits, giving a less grindy road to deed portraits might increase player retention.

One of the maddening things about this game is that Fatshark designed some really fun modes - twitch, deeds, weaves - but then they just assumed that everyone plays in a pre-made team so didn’t implement a frictionless way for the majority of their (solo) player base to enjoy it with others - kinda a glaring problem for a game that thrives on the co-op experience.

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