The deeds are just keep piling

So, how about make deeds are salvageable?

I don’t know about the other area, but likely no one plays deeds in my area. So, since not so long from the lunch, players in my area just wanted salvage the deeds. Since it’s near useless in here.

  • Let the Deeds Salvage-able
  • No

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Yep the deedful want more the deedless find them trash, make em all convert to dust and add a default deed system without the item.

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Having completed 500 deeds some time in early 2019, I’m currently afraid to open my deed menu. I don’t want to know what’s in there…

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Do it.


I would like to see a complete deed rework, but in the meantime champion deeds from when the dailies still reward them and uninteresting deeds are cluttering my deed menu horribly. I also think they count towards your item limit, if I remember correctly. A bandaid fix that lets us remove deeds we don’t want would actually be welcome.

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Remove deeds completely as obtainable items and change them into a more “Quests & Contracts” bounty board like we had in V1.


I’ve got pages of deeds not even looked at. I’m with @kuli in that it might cause my PC to explode in a shower of circuits and bolts if I open it.

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I voted ye for those who actually don’t care about deeds but how about do something that the community is asking since a long time put a damn deed lobby in the game?


You made me do it, you monster.

Not that bad, only 71 deeds. I still have 1100 emperor vaults and a couple hundred of commendation chests, though, that will most likely never be opened.

Fun fact: the recruit deeds should more or less all come from running weekly events for shillings as I hate those to death.


I want more deeds. I’m stuck at 463 completed. Gonna take another 400 hours just to get the remaining deeds from vaults. Let me convert all that useless dust to craft deeds or buy them with shillings; or, better yet, give us a damn deed lobby or replace the Weekly Event with a Daily Deed.

would love to salvage all my abduction deeds tbh


Wait, that is everything? I expected more. At one point I had a second page opened, all Legend Deeds. Then again, I usually only use them when I start a new character and need some time to find a suitable playstyle for me -_-

Would have to check at how many I am currently am. Less than a page again, but it should look similar to this screenshot.

Also, I am halfway sure that Deeds don’t drop from Commendation Chests.

Salvage? Yeah, why not. Would make sense with a deed-crafting system too.
I’m at around 400 completed deeds and I sadly ran out of them, grinding them is so boring and all of the dust I have is just sitting there being all useless.

I have enough deeds alright, just send me a pm if you want to get your missing 37 done. I also still need a couple to get to the 500 mark.
I have mostly champion deeds (all the fun legend ones are gone of course), but i don’t mind upgrading them to legend, i can try cata but only for the easier ones.

Please allow donating of deeds to deed-poor players.
- Someone who needs around 100 more deeds until the ‘500 deeds’ frame.

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It really needs some kind of crafting system at this point (like poe) where you can use dusts/materials to roll for modifiers and potentially difficulty inducing effects like vanguard/abduction whatever there is.
Just scrap the whole thing and allow deeds to be just something to add extra difficulty from mod pool and adjust rewards based on what you take.

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