Sell us deeds in Lohner's Emporium

As per title.

I would appreciate it if the Deed system got a general overhaul,
but since that would probably include an inordinate amount of work,
giving us the possibility to buy specific deeds in Lohner’s Emporium would be the next best thing.

I suggest the following header/sub-header structure:


I approve, a good month ago I opened 200 chests that I had eco in legend I received 0 deeds! It’s not normal ! Deeds have been part of the game since the beginning and
Luckily I made my 500 deeds a very long time ago because given the hassle now to grab some, it’s not possible.

Whether Lohner can sell deeds, 1 by 1 or make packs with reduced price like 5 deeds at -30% that could be cool.

After benefit for players like me, I have all the skins of the game including the heads of the characters.
So I couldn’t use my parts

But there were plenty of proposals for the acts, I myself have asked several times but don’t worry, they have been working on it since the game was released.

My situation is dire: I have a lot of Deed in my inventory that I will NEVER do. These Deeds are simply terrimle, so difficult, boring and the reward is not even worth trying.

I would like any method of removing REALLY BAD Deeds, as they take up precious space in my inventory.

Hmm … soon I’ll be thinking that paying shillins for removing these Deeds from my inventory isn’t exactly a bad idea.


Crafting deeds would be better I think. Allow us to break them down into scrap, and use scrap/jewellery pieces to make ones we want.


It was one of the best proposals for the deeds. But stingy as I am, it would hurt me to spend my ingredients xD

Whilst I think this is generally a good idea, I’m not sure how feasable it is.

The game is now so late into its life cycle that we can basically forget about any sweeping changes to fundamental designs that have been in the game from the beginning.

It really depends on how difficult this would be to implement without opening up an additional 10000 issues.

Its probably as difficult as making them available in the shop in some reasonable manner.
Either case is probably extremely unlikely at this point.

Got a friend? Do the deed exploit with a friend + Battle Wizard Morr skip. Farm the chests, get rid of hated deeds.

Need to add. Any way that allows re-roll/salvage Heroic Deeds is not just vital. It is mortally needed as soon as possible!

deed exploit

Of course I’ve heard a lot about this “method”. Of course, even thinking about it is unacceptable. It’s principal. Fatshark need to understand it at last and fix the problem.

But they already fixed it then put it back in themselves

Of course I’ve heard a lot about this “method”. Of course, even thinking about it is unacceptable. It’s principal. Fatshark need to understand it at last and fix the problem.

This is the reason I even bothered bringing it up. FS seem to be hyper lax about deeds all things considered including what @spatnack brought up. If what he brought up is true, this is something to tide you over since it seems like you’re in trouble if you don’t stop getting deeds. And while I’m not at the point that I’m flooded with deeds, I do want to keep my inventory trimmed like you.

I see little reason to turn your nose up when you did mention:

But to stay on topic:

It’s a good way to spend shillings/scrap and I bet the crafting system could even be used to modify/upgrade deeds. I also wish deeds were joinable from QP and Randoms if changes like the ones discussed were mentioned. With FUN deeds being readily available, I believe it would bring more players to try them out and allow more people to complete the deed border challenge, etc etc. Basically I’m not seeing any downsides for the playerbase when it comes to this as of now.

Of course I care only about the LEGAL way. Bugs using is using bugs anyway. Still BAD. The whole ‘community’ may not mind, but I will always be.

Because this is about my favorite game.

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Well, I sure hope they rework deeds like they’ve said they would for the past two years

Until then I guess you’re SOL

We also heard that we really should not be fixing the Heroic Deed exploit that some folks used to spice up their Deeds before we have improved the Deed system for players. And yep, we agree that removing that was tone-deaf (feel free to blame Hedge!). In the meantime, we have reintroduced that to the game.

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Yeah that’s going to the category with dedicated servers, keep customization, etc.

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