Deed Rework Update? Suggestion

I know it’s been in the works for a while now, but can we get an update on it? How’s it going? Any plans to roll something out Soon™?

If it’s still a ways off, I have a suggestion. What are the chances of putting deeds in the shop? Make them purchasable for dust or scrap? Or if you want to keep the RNG’ness of them, make them craftable like @Yzneftamz suggested.


Well, it has been discussed in the wake of a recent thread:

I don’t know what kind of rework FS has in mind (or when and where they officially said that) but there is indeed a very easy and fast solution to this. And like you said it is the blacksmith section. I will just copy what I wrote in that thread:

The easiest thing probably - without much coding needed I guess - would be to add a Deed Upgrade tab in the Blacksmith section:

Choose Deed => Pay Dust (as we have more than enough) => Get more difficult deed.

Could even be used to upgrade beyond Cataclysm and as such incorperating Cata 2 and 3 into the main game without creating more difficulties per se.

To advance on this: They literally have the whole code already in place. They don’t need to adress much. They just have to “change” the item class from deeds to something similar to “weapon”.
You can craft deeds, you can upgrade them, you can reroll “properties” and you can incorporate Cataclysm 2 and 3 into the official realm. Just introduce a “deed blueprint”.

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Make Deeds joinable through quickplay. Why in God’s name are they locked? If you try and join a game with a Deed it pops up a window that says “this game is running a deed” and it won’t let you join, just have that popup also say “are you sure you want to join?”

How hard is that?


I guess it’s to stop people lobby-hopping to get the 100/200/500 deeds frames without completing the entire deed.

Make some kind of deed lobby where people can find likeminded companions?
I’ve played this game close to 1k hours - do you know how many deeds I’ve done? Like 5.

i don’t think this would be much of an issue really, I’ve never seen it with the normal completion cosmetics.

even if it was a problem though, I think you could solve it by just having a functional blacklist.

might be their idea behind it though, you’re right

There’d be more, much more people who’d ruin your run than helpful people.
I run legend quickplays with randoms and if people join me - more often than not it ends in a wipe.

lol what?? :laughing:

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That’s really not a common issue lol, legend QP is super doable.

Would be nice if all platforms got winds of magic released before we release a deed work for pc and xbox and never for ps4. Polite suggestion.

Easy solution : Create a deed yourself, join your friend already in deed =p