[suggestion] Deeds

I know a lot of players have already made a lot of really good suggestions about reworking deeds (like deed lobby or allowing people to join you during active deed) but I had a thought today while opening my commendation chests.

Since Lohner’s Emporium is going to relieve the pressure of obtaining hats from commendation chests, I fear that it’s going to make these chests obsolete to players who no longer need to open them to level up their gear score.

My suggestion would be to let deeds drop from commendation chests but have no difficulty branded into them. This way, players can choose the difficulty they feel comfortable with and still have a reason to open these chests even after obtaining all possible cosmetics.

One deed suggestion I saw here definitely needs to be looked at and that’s allowing players to increase the current difficulty of their deed without having to rely on glitching the game to change it.

I don’t see anything wrong with allowing people to not only choose the difficulty they want for their deeds but to also allow people to choose cataclysm for their deeds.

I fear that if deeds do not get fixed soon, there’s going to be a lot of bored players leaving and it’s already hard enough finding cata matches.

Please fix deeds. I would really like the challenge :wink:


Any deed should be playable at any difficulty


Love the suggestion. Deeds should be able to be played at ANY level, and the reward modifier should just scale automatically to be a chest or a vault or a whatever. This is such a simple tweak, but it would make the community so happy…

We really need a deed rework soon. If the devs did this suggestion of making a deed playable for any difficulty, AND made deed matchmaking possible (able to join deeds, able to see them in the lobby browser), with just those two simple changes… deeds would be SO MUCH BETTER.


Absolutely 100% agreed!

All that is needed is:

  • difficulty drop down box
  • unlocked lobby so friends can join
  • either a separate lobby browser OR use the same lobby browser but have a DEED label in the lobby description

These suggestions seem simple and would be a fantastic change that will benefit lots of players.


Personally I would move away from deeds being drops and just have a list of deed conditions (mutators) to choose from a menu, each giving a bonus to the loot you get. I could play “elites have double the HP” and “more hordes” for days if the game let me.

And the having these sessions be joinable via quickplay, or a lobby that shows you which deed is active beforehand.

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