Suggestion - Make Heroic Deeds Drop More Often

I’d say that right now you get 1 heroic deed out of 30 chests, why is it so rare though? The Rewards do not really justify the rarity of the heroic deed drop. The lack of endgame, and repetitivity of the game atm could be watered down if there were more heroic deed drops, they could keep the game interesting (especially in the future where more parameters will be added), and as I stated earlier the rewards right now are not that crazy so I think they should be a more commong drop, more like 1 in every 7 chests opened.


I have yet to find one at all.

I would like to see maybe a Daily Deed or something akin to the Quests and Contracts board from V1.

Normal quick play mode where you get random modifiers (modifiers from heroic deeds) would be nice.

Higher difficulty, more modifiers, better rewards.

Also yay daily quests!:star_struck:

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I’ve opened 25+ commendation chests, and countless other coffers/chests from missions and haven’t seen 1 deed. Then I watched 153 unboxings on youtube (here here here) and didn’t see a single deed.

Do they just not drop from commendation chests or what? Considering that they’re basically a key to extra work, what gives with the extreme rarity? It’s like they’re cosmetics or something!

I got like 9 deeds drops till now. 2-recruit, 6-veteran, 1-champ.Don’t have idea how many boxes I opened but my playtime after 08.03 is about 80h.

Do you have any recollection of when, or from which chests, those dropped? I haven’t broken into Champion yet, so I’m curious if there’s a higher drop chance in Champ chests or if drop rate is perhaps tied to hero power/item level.

I’m almost sure they was all Emperor chest. About hi drop chance on Champ or maybe related to hero power - tbh (I can be 100% wrong here) I don’t think so, as you can also get recruit deeds.

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Halescourge - Champion - Soldiers chest - Deed of Valor

Dont really care about the rewards but I just want to do more deeds. Such a change in gameplay should be more common and not such a grind to get.

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