No incentive to do Heroic Deeds

Just a little thing I found personally while at level 30.

I have many deeds collected but I have no incentive to do them what so ever. I mean, I’ve heard that if you fail a deed you lose it so I don’t want to risk it with a pug Group, the chests are just giving out crafting fodder at this Point, which doesn’t give you nearly enough scrap and stuff anyway, so the only reason is to make the maps a bit more difficult. But would I really wish to do so? Not personally, since you only get one or two of the regular chests from doing them.

The thing that could change that and make more people wish to play them is to have the chest rewards hold a guaranteed cosmetic item AND a weapon illusion. In my opinion, that would make it more worthwhile attempting them and seem more fun to do. The chests don’t need to look different, but you could give them the “(Heroic)” tag behind it to show that it comes from a deed.

Just a thought, since the current cosmetic droprate is god awful as well. (I mean, I’m at level 150 +8 (all characters) and I haven’t gotten a single cosmetic item)



Ah. Then skip that part. But still.

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I agree I’d like to see some better / more specific item rewards on the deeds.

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For what it’s worth, I love deeds and happily do a lot of them totally regardless of what the rewards are. I just think it’s very fun to have to deal with increased difficulty and different gameplay. I know other players who feel the same way, too! They don’t need to be equally appealing to everyone, and their current implementation isn’t taking anything away from players that don’t want to do them.

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Add crafting materials :moneybag: that way you actually get something as a bonus, half the time you have to give up books/tomes either because they don’t spawn or otherwise, so unless you get a decent double chest it feels hardly worth it (to me.)

I just wanted to make a point and a suggestion, that is all.

Of course there are people like you that think that they are fun and I agree that they don’t need to be equally appealing to everyone. People are different, that is fact, and our world would be boring if we weren’t.

However, considering droprates of cosmetics or really cool illusions are so low, then I simply made a suggestion to allow people that do find it not a great feature to actually use it more.

This can also work considering the fact that extracting Illusions cost way more than it should.

They provide a challenge or double / triple the boxes with 1 run, I agree they could be fixed to be more worthwhile or at least some of them, but every time I find a deed I try and do it. It helps end the monotony of farming for more reds.

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