Heroic Deeds are not worth it

So right now Heroic Deeds provide mid level chests for challenges that are often harder than the next difficulty. It’s possible to get max level chest rewards, but usually this is on Deeds with like 3 modifiers.

For the level of difficulty, they just do not provide rewards to match. Especially on Recruit and Veteran where you could easily handle the next difficulty if you can handle the deed and get better rewards.


I just got my first heroic deed about an hr or so ago. I noticed the max reward level is 100. Thats useless to me. Utterly useless. Even with tomes and grimoires, I cant see it being worth the time or effort.

This needs to change. Stock piling these for now.

A shame, because I like the idea of modifiers.


Agree, Heric Deeds is pointless!
What is the point in additional complexity and get poor reward if it is much easier to complete usual map on the same difficulties as deed, collect all tomes and grimoires and get better reward (general or emperor’s) chest?
At current state only one thing can make change - exclude all possibility of drop “Red” item quality from any chests except rewards from deeds. Only that way may make “Heroic Deeds” sensible.

Heroic Deeds definitely need a fix and tweaking.

Aside from having the RNG bug of where the game just boots you out to the keep and not giving you the exp, usual chest, scoreboard and your hard earned heroic deed; rewards should be amped up.

Stock Piling is prolly the best approach. I assume they will fix them eventually lol.

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I’m mostly disappointed that the rewards are just chests. I’d appreciate cosmetics and such way more. If I wanted extra chests I’d speed run maps


Let us trade them in for some green dust. :wink:


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the rewards are kinda lame but honestly the challenges themselves are really fun and i can’t wait for more of them. minus halescourge with instant death on down and no revives. that one uhhhh…no bueno.

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I’m sorry I’m maxed out on blue dust. I’ll take a pass on more of it.

It would be really cool if we could get the modifiers to drop and apply them to the next mission, that way we can apply several of them and get more chests… Like you can apply 1 for a low lvl chest or different combinations for 1-3 chests and varying levels of chest depending on the modifier. So the ‘scroll’ can be equipped for your next mission.

I think that Heroic Deeds while fun not giving the most motivating reward is a common thought. In this regard it would probably be an idea to give them suggestions what we would like to see in those chests:

They are not worth it in the slightest, they should provide a blueprint for orange/red weapon or smth.

The cosmetic rewards in this game are far too rare. The chances of getting a cosmetic is so low as to be irrelevant, let alone getting one that you want. Deeds should give you a crafting material that allows you to craft new helmets imo, with higher tier deeds awarding more materials.

Im not so happy with the Heroic Deeds too. :frowning:

Those deeds are meant to be a challenge in the first place, like the whole game. It is not about progression systems, but about challenging yourself. It is already super easy to get good loot and the hardest deeds are meant to be played with the best gear. The rewards from those are basically only a lotteryticket for red items. The game does not scale up endlessly and there will be no expansion introducing new difficulties and raising the levelcap. The content we have right now with those Champion and Legend deeds are meant to be the goal and the endgame content until we get new missions.

+1, completed 2 or 3, and it wasnt that rewarding as I imagined.

Just a small question to you people complaining about rewards: What do you do after you have nearly perfect gear? You can reach that really fast and if that is your only motivation you are going to lose interest in the game very soon anyway.

farm for red and cosmetics for each and every class.

Challenging myself is even more fleeting, ill do every map on legend and ill have nothing to do, challenge done…

I play the game primarily for enjoyment, and at some point no reward will make a difference and it’ll be purely for enjoyment, however with proper game design the risk and reward should correlate pretty strongly. Even if the game is fun, even I personally don’t care, fact is that you are dictating player behavior to some degree when you have serious reward inequities. The same way the chest power cutoffs push you into the next difficulty ever so gently the deed rewards being bad push you away from them. It won’t stop you or dictate your play on it’s own, but it provides impetus. Powered chests are debatably good game design as it keeps pushing the player to get better, continue being challenged, and stick with the game longer. Deeds are bad game design because they cause cognitive dissonance as you have to decide between efficient progression and having a fun challenge, when by all means it should deliver both (if successful).

As long as loot is part of the game, and as long as loot has an impact on the game, loot should be balanced in an equitable way. Cosmetics are part of this, albeit since they do not affect gameplay the impact and concern about cosmetics is VASTLY lower. Not completely unimportant, but more of a minor QOL issues than a central game design issue. That being said if skittergate had a 50% chance of rewarding a cosemtic, you can see what player behavior issues that would cause, so cosmetics are not completely irrelevant either.

Thats silly, just make it so Heroic Deeds give set rewards you get these items from this deed, harder ones could give reds or cosmetics, basically think bounty board but more challenging.

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