Heroic Deed drop rate/system

Hi there.
So far in my play I have acquired a single heroic deed from a reward box, for reference my characters are level 5, 8, 25, 11 and 6. Mostly low so I understand I have just been unlucky and my sample pool is very low.

Now, 3 of my friends have all gained considerably more deeds than I have (5-10) and, overall, have lower character levels (and thus have opend less chests.)

The heroic deed missions are, for me, the most fun content in the game, and its a shame to lock it behind a random chance. I enjoy the extra challenge it adds to the maps and fairly repetitive gameplay otherwise

My suggestion, add a fail safe to the reward, for example, if you don’t get a deed after opening 19 boxes your 20th is guaranteed. That way 1 in 20 is the lowest chance to get a deed, but you could still open 10 boxes and get 3 deeds if you get lucky.
You could do the same with red items and cosmetics, but with higher numbers.

The deed system should be completely overhauled from single use item drops to unlockable mutators you can apply to missions. Having them be RNG loot is kind of absurd in my eyes.


Unlockable mutators would be awesome. I love upping the challenge in weird and wacky ways

When they were describing the system before launch I honestly thought that was going to be what it was. That you’d unlock mutators like double elite dmg, extra hordes etc to apply to maps for some Cuh-razy matches.

Just to throw my 2 cents into this. I think the deed drops currently are absurdly low especially considering its supposed to be one of the reasons you come back for this game.
If Fatshark does not want the deeds to be something you can just do 24/7 then at least make the craft-able with say yellow essence and give the option to upgrade them (from green to orange).
This way you at least make them somewhat limited except for the people who really have nothing else to do in the game and it still allows you to have some control on what sorts of deeds/rewards you want to accomplish.

Throw in some extra mutation variants to the ones we already have and you might even create some really interesting system out of this.