Let's talk about Deeds

I love the concept of deeds, I love what certain modifiers do to the gameplay. At times they create fresh challenges and force you to play differently. At other times they make the game more fun without augmenting difficulty. Other times, they make you want to cry. These modifiers to the game are a great way to add variety and longevity to the game. Unfortunately, the way you acquire deeds, the lack of freedom to create your own scenarios, and the often mismatched rewards make the system overall disappointing.


Deed modifiers add a unique twists and interesting challenges that are distinct from scaling up to legend. Even without loot, some deeds are really fun. Gating them behind a loot grind is a mistake. I don’t think increasing the drop rate is the solution to this however. Deeds with powerful/cosmetic rewards should feel rare and are appropriate to drop from boxes. We need a consistent way of picking modifiers, even if it’s for fun rather than loot, and deeds that drop need to have better rewards.

Modifiers Critiques

Back to Basics- A very challenging modifier, but should really be accompanied by strong awards. I don’t think my friends will be attempting the champion Halescourge back to basics we have ever. The soldiers chest it rewards isn’t worth it.

No pickups- Should not include tomes and grimoires. I don’t imagine this is intended, but if it is, the tradeoff vs doing a normal run isnt worth it.

What I would like the deeds system to be

Deeds from boxes have meaningful rewards i.e scrap, dusts, bonus exp

Customizable modifiers for private quickplay/map. No bonus loot required, just a mode for fun
Positive modifiers- players take less damage, cooldowns reduced etc.
More negative modifiers- i.e specials are all x type, hordes never stop, increased boss spawn

There is so much potential for this system, I really hope the devs flesh it out a bit more. If you guys have any other suggestions or feedback, let me hear it.

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Never do current Deeds. Talk is over.

We could really do with some form of daily deed system. It would provide people who want to drop in a little every couple days but have already completed the game and don’t have any loot deeds they want to do.