Does anyone actually run heroic deeds? It seems kind of pointless when you can just run a map normally. From a loot perspective, it’s much easier to just complete the map normally with full books. From a challenge perspective, you could just play the next higher difficulty instead.

I get they are supposed to be a fun but different way to play, but as of now they only slightly to severely increase the difficulty. I propose implementing some zany modifiers (eg permanent swift slaying, movement speed, or 1 stamina shield) and changing the loot reward to give the equivalent chest of the next higher difficulty. Legend deeds could reward cosmetics and reds or double chest’s at least.


That actually would be awesome.

I think the deeds implementation is fine if you are looking for a bit of extra challenge and extra reward but I do agree that added modifiers could make them more interesting.

Right now, most of the modifiers only tend to increase the number of hordes, elites, specials and with the AI director current failings, it only increase the general frustration with those round the corner CW patrols and silent right behind you special spawns.

I wouldn’t touch cosmetics or reds as they are supposed to be end game dedication rewards and making them guaranteed or highly likely to drop from Legend deeds would only lead to people getting them all very quickly (although they are way to RNG to obtain in the current version of the game and that should probably be looked at for the next patch).

To be fair, reds popped up on the bounty board in V1. Difference is that getting enough keys was completely trivial compared to getting a competent enough group to complete a real crap legend deed. Also, the difference between reds and a 300 orange with perfect rolls is a skin. I like to think the type of people even running legend deeds would be playing the game even after getting all red weps.

I suppose I’m suggesting deeds be similar to how games like Slay the Spire or Binding of Isaac have daily challenges or even the absurd achievements they later added to V1. Cool run modifiers are much more interesting than grinding for reds. After 500hrs in V1 (450 or so of only full book cata runs), I may have only gotten half the reds in the game. Granted, most of the was pre-bounty board patch.

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Well apparently based on the patch notes for 1.0.5 reds can now drop from General and Emperor Champ chests as well as any Legend chests and they say they significantly upped the droprate. So adding them to deeds now may just trivialise them (although it’s hard to say with the patch being out for a day).

I think the current deed system is a placeholder for a bounty board system that will be further fleshed out in a content patch likely in June-August. The missed opportunity with it is just too massive to not be a stop-gap measure.

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Reading OP’s message, it seems that they missed that the Deed rewards are in addition to the normal map reward, not instead of it. You can still run a Deed (well, anything except Deprivation) on full books, and get the Deed reward, and a high-level chest as normal reward. So, you get basically double rewards (or even better, if you don’t do full books usually).

There is one “trait” on deed`s that says no pick up’s. I can be wrong, but that mean also no tomes/grims.
Just to add note nothing more;p

I only mentioned changing loot rewards because I realize most players probably only care about that singular aspect. My main point is that the deed modifiers could be more varied and interesting than what they are currently. I could not care less if they didn’t give any chest’s what so ever since a single or even double chest’s is still worthless.

Yep, that’s the Deprivation I mentioned. Even then, it seems that a few specific ones can be found. Dice too. I haven’t researched it myself, but others have noted as much.

Worth noting is that you can get some of the grims still on these deeds, as anything that is spawned as a direct result of you doing something still works. The 2nd grim on The War Camp, for example, isn’t created until you light the 3 candles. The 2nd grim on Fort B isn’t created until the lever is pulled, etc.

Yeah, more variation in Deeds is very much on my wishlist too. More Deeds in general, too, as I think they drop too rarely to be fun. Maybe as a special reward for Lord maps… :wink:

That make sense - as both dice and those specify grims are “dynamic” objects. Thanks didn’t know about it.

Deeds are awesome, but drop rate is terrible, I cant remember when last time I got one…

Deeds are basically dead loot currently. Oh hey, that Emperor’s chest gave me, for 1/3 of its loot, a deed to get a… Merchant’s chest. Oh joy.

Either that or the deed actually rewards a decent chest (General’s or Emperor’s) but the modifiers are so awful it isn’t worth trying.

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I love the deed system, but I do play with a regular group so that helps. We mostly like it for the challenge, the extra rewards are nice but usually not worth the modifiers. I’d love to see the deed system get some love with better rewards (like reds or cosmetics) and some more funky and fun modifiers.

I’ve got a crazy deed right now that is Skittergate on Legend with these modifiers:
-instant death on knockdown
-no pickups
-elites have 2x health and 2x damage

it’s insanely hard, we’ve been trying to beat it for a bit now and just get absolutely clobbered every time. It’s more of a fun for the sake of extreme challenge thing though, I figure on the day we actually beat it we can consider ourselves super pro.

Vanguard. I think its called vanguard, where all enemies are replaced by 1 higher tier. Tons of stormvermins. Best deed ever on legend, we had a blast with vanguard, no pick ups, elites 2x more hp damage. It was extremely satisfying to adapt our setup, ammo generation, stagger options, boss dmg etc. Best deed ever. Finished the deed, dont have it anymore… any other deed lost my interest. Would replay that one deed 20 times even for no rewards at all, but yes the rewards are kinda cheap for deeds with high risk / difficulty factor.

Deeds just need to reward keys that unlock your chosen weapon you’re working towards, like the bounty board in VT1 only the keys are earned by deeds instead of selecting a contract,

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I want to say, I love the deeds, they are so much funnier than VT1 bounty board.

They could still use some tweaks. Some deeds are a bit broken (back from basic needs to leave your hero power untouched imo, just remove talents/properties/traits. Instadeath has a bug in which if you use a healing you see everything in black and white for the rest of the mission.) I love no pickups by the way, even if i think it should give ammo (there’s an other deed that’s just no ammo after all, is there?), it’s finally giving my group of friends a reason to do actual speedruns, but then loot may be improved. Lootwise deeds don’t make too much sense atm.
I’d also like to have free deeds, like a daily bounty board or something


My idea for these deeds is to reward cosmetic things for your keep - for example, each one can reward a different picture that you can put in one of the picture frames (like in the beta).

That way you get a sense of accomplishment that you can then display.

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