Heroic deeds not worth the hassle most of the time

Deed impairments vastly outweigh the rewards. No pickups for instance- tomes and grims included? That’s daft. If one completes a legend match, especially one of the boss levels, it should be 2 Emp chests at least. Champion deeds can make some matches harder than legend and then give you a worthless general’s chest with some blue scrap- if you’re a high enough level to do them, those rewards are useless and not worth doing anything for. It would be nice to see some of the old V1 represented in the deeds, some of those challenges and perhaps the ability to earn veteran items out of them since most have no luck it seems. The deeds desperately need balancing out more. Be ten times more rewarding considering some of the debuffs added. Or make them more doable for a decent worthy reward.

Don’t care about RNG lootboxes. Until they add concrete things ala-missionboard-in-V1 I don’t see any point in doing deeds. As a matter of fact I wish I could salvage deeds for the crafting materials. I view it as a waste of loot every single time I get a deed.

If they added deeds for perfect rolls orange weapons, or simply illusions, hats, cosmetics and heck even reds - then yes, for RNG lootboxes - no, thanks.


Especially with like a 1% chance of getting a vet weapon worth the hassle. I have a vet contract- players don’t respawn, harder elites and more roaming elites- for a soliders coffer at max 200 power. Useless.

Hm, i do them for Fun , the Only one Life along with no Items are my favorites.

I’ve looted a nice deed : Back to basics (no weapon/character trait, hero power level brough back to 5, no talents) in legend for Skittergate.

The reward is a merchant vault. :smirk::gun:

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Yeah, it’s a bit of a joke.

I’ve done a few for fun with buddies, we had a good time and all but the chest at the end was downright insulting (but we knew that going in). No one has seemed interested since. Pugs just tend to laugh and leave the party at the suggestion of deeds.

A new Heoic chest tier needs to be added for the deed rewards or something to get people interested.

Gotta grab those green 296 items :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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