The Heroic Deed Matchmaking

So, heroic deeds are cool - said no one ever.

I want to point out that this rant can be skipped to the next bold text for the main idea unless you are interested in reading the rest

I’ve set myself a goal to eventually complete everything in this game as I have nothing else to really play anyway, but… 500 deeds? I have 10 completed and 30 in inventory and I have nearly 400 hours in the game. So what does it mean? I need to play with other players that have deeds too.

And guess what? Cant join players during deeds, so you need to lure players in or join strict matchmaking and ask them if they want to do deeds if they even have any - which mostly ends in them leaving instantly or just shrugging it off and playing because whatever, which ends up in them dying, often for good.

So I think adding a separate deed matchmaking for people who actually want to do them for either the deed challenges or the vaults would be enough to make them actually useful and possible to do consistently.

Another thing though, there are deeds that give pretty low level vaults regardless of modifiers. I think the vaults should always be the highest level to make it actually rewarding for the difficulty of it.

As to obtaining them a higher chance of drop would be nice because, as I have said, I have 400 hours and opened probably hundreds of crates, and had give or take 40 deeds dropped. Another think tank idea for it though - make them a pickup item that spawns in random locations like ravaged art (that doesnt take up a slot like tomes and grimoires but you need to finish the match in order to keep it)

Should this idea be considered, it would be good to also integrate the deed exploit/glitch that I believe was patched and brought back by Fatshark over the years. So, allow players to pick the map and/or difficulty for said deeds, changing the reward accordingly.

Another way, a less exciting but also much simpler and effective one - a deed mode like chaos wastes - select difficulty and map, but get random modifiers on joining - the end (just in case the rest of the wall was skipped, obviously allow open matchmaking for it)

Honestly the whole mechanic seems so poorly designed I’m more and more surprised as I’m writing this. I haven’t even see any threads about them so far and trust me that’s not because people are cool with it, its just so bad everyone forgot about it.

I have no idea how much and if Fatshark folks intend to develop this game any further, but imo this would be a great area of the game to overhaul, and not a difficult one either - so consider this a free idea for an update

(also off-topic could use a new witch hunter captain cosmetic in the emporium so I can waste more money… dont really like the chinese one)

sorry for the wall


To add a little to the rant, most people will just give up after trying out a heroic deed once. Ditto for the weekly challenge. How are you guys going to improve if you do not try to figure out how to complete the heroic deeds and weekly challenges?

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Can confirm, I personally gave up on the weekly challenges after the first try aswell, they are often really imbalanced and pointless at higher difficulties, so the only reasonable use for them is to finish them on recruit for the weekly shillings.

You highlight many of the problems with deeds that have been obvious for years. There have been numerous threads onthe Steam forums about these issues.

The whole deed (and ranked weave) modes were obviously designed for hardcore players that play in pre-made teams, which, i believe, doesn’t represent the majority of the playerbase.

As a longtime quickplay player, it took me nearly 5,000 hours to complete the 500 deed challenge (mostly with bots). The challenge isn’t the difficulty of deed gameplay, but the rarity of deed drops- the whole system is bizarre and badly designed.

I understand why Fatshark don’t want to make deeds accessible in quickplay - who wants to qp into a game with the Deprivation modifier when you are not equipped with natural bond? The easiest solution is to make each Weekly Event count as a deed run and to put the standard deed modifiers into that mode. Then at least players would know what modifiers to expect and deeds wouldn’t have the current atrocious artificial scarcity. It would also help new players grind for gear.

One of the Devs hinted that a current game mode is being re-worked and that the Weave skins will be a reward for this. This implies that Fatshark are looking to make matchmaking easier in either Weaves or Deeds. Let’s hope it’s both.

If you want to find people to play deeds with in the present time, your best bet is to post in the Looking For Group forum on the Steam Vermintide 2 homepage (if you’re a PC player) or find a group on Discord - I believe the Red Moon Inn and Squirrel Squad groups are active.

Good luck


I like this idea, they should make it so you can do it an unlimited amount of times, cause even 1 deed per week is still too slow not including dropped ones.


The deeds are not a problem for experienced players - but matchmaking is, and the same applies to the lesser extent to the weeklies.

Unfortunately, considering how many times this has been voiced, I simply don’t belive the FS will do anything. (Thanks again for the useless weaves…)

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Yeah, i’ve been saying this for years over on the Steam Forums. The Weekly Event button should be turned into a Daily Deed button with standard deed modifiers that change a couple of times a day. Like deeds, this mode should award an extra loot chest or 2 based on the modifiers.

This system would: 1. Allow people to quickplay/matchmake into deeds. 2. Help players with the ridiculous amount of RNG gear grind is in this game. 3. Allow people to complete the 500 deeds challenge in 200-250 hours instead of the 1200 hours for pre-made teams or the 5000 hours for solo players. The challenge is for running the deeds, but currently the hardest part is acquiring deeds from chests because of the pitiful drop rate from chests. Definitely a badly designed system.


+1. A deed rework has been supposedly been in the works for years now. It’s long overdue at this point.

2020-06-18 List of Things Revealed From Fatshark Stream

Deed rework is planned.

2019-02-27 Fatshark_Hans:

The current state of Deeds isn’t something we’re entirely happy with. We’d love to take another crack at it - and we’ve prototyped some new ideas internally.

We don’t want to just make band-aid fixes to Deeds, so we’re planning on making a larger overhaul on how they work, how you acquire them, and how you’re awarded by playing them.

I want to be clear, however, that since we’ve got our hands full right now, Deeds 2.0 are pretty far down the backlog. We are not currently working on it, and there will be no changes for the anniversary update.

2019-02-07 Fatshark_Hans:

Overhauling deeds is something that’s on the backlog - but it’s pretty far down, since we have a lot on our plate right now.

2019-01-18 Fatshark_Hans:

We’ve made some internal prototypes for new deeds systems, and updated crafting. We’re still evaluating that. We haven’t set a hard release plan for either.

2019-01-08 Fatshark_Hans:

Yes, what we’re wanting to adress is making deeds more available to players, having working matchmaking, and fun rewards matching the challenge level of deeds.

2018-12-18 Fatshark_Hedge:

We are working on improving/reworking the Deed system.

2018-10-22 Fatshark_Hans:

I can tell you that we’re currently doing a pass on Deeds in the office. We’re trying to get them working a little better under the hood - so we can join a game in progress with deeds on, and it’s properly synchronized with clients. That’s currently not possible, so that means you have to gather your party in the Keep, before setting out.

We have a few more types of Deeds in the works, as well as some other new fun twists…


Just a small excerpt out of the string of the unfulfilled promises by FS… But hey, here are the weaves. Let’s also introduce a few bugs, say, the launcher one… And Darktide doesn’t have real characters. Just what all the serious players were asking for.

How about reducing the inventory size, BTW? Now that I have soloed a few dozen deeds, I can actually open ten chests at once again, I feel spoiled…

@Aqshy @Fatshark_Hedge Any kind of word on @hollerbach post? All laid out like that it is a pretty staggeringly long history of tidbits with seemingly no final outcome.

At very least could you internally query if these reworks are still planned, or if they’ve been put on hold indefinitely? If the latter that is something that really really should be communicated to players, otherwise we’re liable to just assume the last thing you’ve said on the matter still holds.


agreed, it seems as if they absolutely abandoned that idea though - its been years already and they released quite some stuff throughout that period (unless they really meant it when they said it’s “pretty far down the backlog” - and the sienna dlc is still to be released)