Suggestion - Deed fixes?

Cross mutators need fixing. But to add, deed drops should be made available in commendation chests (if they are in over 3k hours I’ve never had one from a comm!) and make it so at least your friends can join a deed. Randos no, but if on your list surely they should be able to jump in your deeds, especially if invited. :slight_smile:

So of late, deed drops seem to have become insanely rare. More to almost every drop winds up as abduction sudden death… basically ones only a tiny percentage will bother with… and won’t hardly attempt with randos.
There’s also been issues with mutators of deeds triggering in matches- a HBFS/SD deed suddenly winds up with SITNW and more often, seek and destroy. The special spawn, even on leg and champ has gone mental… spawning tens of specials in seconds of one another, like twitch 200% is with cata on a champ match lol. I’m presuming this isn’t intentional?

There has been a deed overhaul in the works but we just don’t know when that will occur.

Deeds do not drop from commendation chests. They have to drop from mission rewards so you get the deed for that difficulty.

Deed drops have always been pretty low and the mutators are random even if it doesn’t appear that way to you. I have a ton of Back to Basic deeds.

Mutator stacking only happens with Send in the next wave and Seek and destroy but the former has been patched. No, they are not intentional. Only current fix is to reset the lobby by going back to the main menu then reenter the Keep.

Bypassing Deed Lobby Lock
Tell your friends that if they want to join you while you’re in the middle of a deed to activate one in their lobby and then right click your name in Steam and select join game.

The deed your friend selects will not be added to your mutators nor will it be consumed. It just removes the lobby lock from joining an active deed lobby. Only works if you are friends.

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Interesting solution. Have you tested this part with the lobby browser where you also get the “Has a deed active” message? Or does it really only work with people in your friend list?

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As far as I know it only works with people in your friends list unless something has changed in the last 2 years.

I did try to join random lobbies with deeds activated in 2018 and it did not work but it did work when joining my friends who were in a deed lobby.

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