Major deed bugs

Experiencing major deeds bugs whereby the mutators are stacking… ie: a abduction sudden death deed suddenly has 7x the specials spawning, harder better faster stronger, send in the next wave… then a crash or two.
I have had zero deed drops of late and am grinding out for the 500 and these bugs keep screwing matches up. We had 5 assassins spawn at once on a legend deed for nurgles rot.

Higher deed drop rates and no crossover mutation needed asap.

Please include as much information as possible in the description of your issue and include:

  • Steps to reproduce the issue
    Take a deed on legend and do it… particularly festering ground and screaming bell, but we also had happen on fort bracksybollocks :smiley:
  • How consistently the issue occurs for you
    2/3 deeds it happens.
  • Screenshots and/or video evidence

If reporting a crash, please do so within the ‘Technical Support’ sub-category and include the crash report produced.

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This been an issue since release. It was fixed prior to 1.6 but the 2.0 patch reverted the changes. Don’t ask me why (because I don’t know) but a lot of bugs came back after the 2.0 patch.

Not all of them crossover. IIRC, it’s only affecting the Extra Specials and More Hordes modifiers.

I, too, have been doing a deed grind. You have to restart your lobby to remove the stacking.

Yeah but I watch other streamers who don’t get this ever- I’d like the same game. Just tried a festering ground deed and had 12 stacked immobilizers. Specials should be special, and I shouldn’t be able to fill krubers special kills tab in the first 1.30 of gameplay.
Restarting lobby did nothing. Revalidating etc did nothing. It’s dropping firerats and oh man the gas rats, like 200% cata twitch votes on a legend deprivation deed.
Are FS gonna address this?

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