Deeds Exploit Bug - Play Any Deed, Any Map, Any Difficulty and Get the Loot

What is this bug and what does it do? This bug is an issue with matchmaking (MM) that occurs after queuing a deed. It allows you to queue a Custom Game after queuing a deed; thereby allowing you to complete a deed within a custom match. This lets you easily exploit the loot system by allowing you to obtain higher level loot from lower level matches.

To reproduce this bug, you will need two things:

  • You need to be in a game with another player or have a player in your lobby.
  • You need to have a deed available to you that you can queue – preferably one that’s higher than Recruit difficulty.

Steps to reproducing this bug:

  • Join the host’s game or host another person.
  • In MM, choose a deed to queue and select to start the game.
  • Before the player who didn’t initially queue votes, reopen MM.
  • After the player who didn’t initially queue votes on the deed (before time expires), select a Custom Game.
  • Pick any map and set the difficulty to one lower than the deed’s.
  • After you have picked a low difficulty map, select to start the game.
  • The second player must vote on this new map before the time expires.
  • Enter the map and complete it.
  • Collect your deed completion, loot and standard map completion.

This bug/exploit has worked for me 100% of the time – both in BBB and outside of it. Without failure, it has given me the crate(s) from the deed as well as a deed completion. This is regardless of the map or difficulty chosen after selecting a deed. The deed parameters do still load in map. However, the ability to lower the difficulty and select certain maps makes the challenges of the deed null.

I was unsure of how to screenshot this issue and don’t know how to screen capture on my device. So I did not include either in this post. I also realize that I don’t always articulate well, so I apologize if I was at all unclear. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you easily identify the source of the issue.

This was intentionally put back in to the game


spatnack is correct. To elaborate, the deed system has been a huge problem for a long time. They can be hard to come by and it can be annoying for some players that have lower difficulty deeds but want to play harder content. So a lot of players who use this bug use it for harder difficulties like Cataclysm, which currently can’t get deeds. It can also be used to quickplay or pick a map, which is convenient and helpful for Okri Challenges. That’s where this bug comes into play.

While it’s certainly true that a player could do the reverse and play an easy difficulty after selecting a difficult deed, it’s almost a moot point to fix it over that. Deeds are finite and if someone has a Legend deed, then they probably can do Legend fine either way. Deeds are more-or-less for the challenge.

As for modifiers, Back to Basics shouldn’t exist because that is the least fun thing in the game. I don’t think anyone is going to shed a tear over that one being cheesed or unplayed.

I imagine once Fatshark does something with the deed system, this bug will no longer be necessary.


I don’t know, Abduction is just straight up unfun design. The player just doesn’t get to play anymore.


The whole thing is enveloped in the stench of cheating…

Oh, it’s most probably used for cheating as well. But since it’s also the only way to play Cata deeds, play your deed with super cool modifiers on different maps, play your deed with super cool modifiers on a difficulty appropriate for your team, play deeds on DLC maps, play deeds on a random map, and play deeds + Twitch mode, removing this exploit would do a lot more harm than good. At least until the deed system is reworked.


The easiest solution would be to just sanction the “Deed Mutators Selector” mod:

Since it does not give any extra rewards it would just add more official realm challenge for those who want it. (Same for Deathwish and Onslaught etc.)
Not only would that mean players could play deeds as much as they want, it would also add more customization too as it allows for the stacking of your preferred mutators instead of having to get lucky to get the mutator combo you like.

Would also mean FS could “fix” the deed exploit (although it really is not that big of an issue imo, I agree with Oenkrad:

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And the worst cheating that can be done with this exploit is people getting legendary chests easily by running their deed on recruit or something. Yay. A few legendary boxes are not very meaningful in the grand scheme of things.

Oh, and I guess it’s a way to get the deeds frame more easily. And if somebody really wants to run all those deeds on boringly easy difficulties just to “earn” that frame… That seems more like a punishment than anything else…


If you use this glitch yourself (you should), please set the game to private when selecting a custom map or after loading in if you chose QP.


While this is indeed an exploit, it’s a widely known one and even Fatshark themselves removed it from the game few months ago, but returned it.
Why you might ask?
Because for the players that abuse this exploit there are people that just genuinely want to play deeds on Cataclysm difficulty which isn’t an option because there are no cataclysm deeds in existence, you can’t play them without doing that abuse.
In truth, does anyone really care if some people can abuse this stuff anyway? What do they get? More chests faster and more easily? How’s that bad?

Until Fatshark adds Cataclysm deeds or a method when you could increase the difficulty and the rewards of the deeds (for example you can make a champion deed a cataclysm deed, but you can’t make it a lower difficulty deed) I’m a hard no-no on removing this exploit.
For me currently Cataclysm Deeds like x2 Elite and Vanguard is the content I enjoy playing and I don’t want this to be removed.

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I agree with everything you’ve said except for the Back to Basics deed. While it’s not fun and I agree on that, I can’t say it should be removed. I’d say it should give some serious rewards. Well, at least in a situation when we will have natural Cataclysm deeds and nobody could abuse the hell out of BtB deed for easy loot (if that matters to anyone anyway).

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