Fix your deeds pls

Really FS… every deed stacks up to the next deed / QP right now. We had about 8-10 specials at the same time, because our 1st “more specials - deed” stacked on the 2nd. “more specials - deed”
Just have a look at the last 2 matches… Oh and a Chaos spawn spawned into us at the same position i reported twice yet. (Festering ground)

console-2018-09-03-19.35.59-00945D8D-DB76-4058-AE8A-A557.log (3.0 MB)

  • Back to basics WORKS WITH TALENTS till the game got released… got no fix too…
  • More XY Horde, specials, whatever stack on the next game until a game reset. No matter if these are QP runs or just deeds.

Really fix that… i did so many bug reports for a lot of things even twice, because nothing happened…

QP is fkd by “enemies who don´t attack” and “easier” bosses and deeds are just bugged…
I do know that it´s better to bring bigger patches, but you really have to hotfix game - killing - issues!

This is really no fun…

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This bug has been present since release. I’m amazed it has not been fixed yet…

It was fixed earlier. 1.2 reintroduced it. Still, strange and annoying.

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Can confirm, recently did a back to basics deed and all talents seemed to work fine

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