Deed bug

So there’s a bug about deeds. There’s two things:

  1. Sometimes deeds don’t work, you just play the game without the modifiers and only one person gets rewards for it.
  2. Sometimes when deeds do work, you get no reward (no chest and no +1 to deeds completed in okri’s challenges.)

I’m a person who really likes deeds, because it’s the good old maps and it’s more versatile/challenging.
So I would really like to see a change. :slight_smile:

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This has been reported multiple times.
At the moment only the host’s deeds get activated, if you start one as a client it won’t be applied.

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is that a bug? so for the deed to work it has to be the host that activates them?

Yes it is a bug and yes, at the moment deeds only work if the host uses them.
I expect this to be fixed by next patch, which I suspect might be around the end of this week (this is pure (educated) speculation by me)


is it also a bug that it only gives the reward to the one who used the deed? or is intended?

That is also a bug.

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